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A Word From The Author...

When I set out to create this guide, I had great hopes that I would create a simple web page which would explain how to go about setting up a Late Model car in DTR. What I ended up with is 15 (or so) pages of ramblings, most of which are relevant. After a few hours of creating graphics, formating text, and linking everything together, I now have what I consider to be a Setup Guide.

On the pages within, you will find the most detailed discussion of how to set up a Late Model car in DTR (all of the core concepts carry over into setting up Sprint cars). I will warn you in advance, as stated above, the text is quite lengthy. However, regardless of your skill level at setting up cars, I think you will find it is well worth the read! So, grab a cup of coffee, click a heading at the top, and dive in.

Jerry Aldrich
a.k.a. Bumpkin