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EVRacing BatCave Servers
Recent events have forced me to reconsider the methods for loaning out our batcave servers. Effective immediately... All League Race Admins that utilize our servers MUST contact me ( with the specific date and time for their league races. I will be posting a chart on the website stating the times and dates for the league races. This chart will be the means of communication concerning the use of our servers to other teams/leagues. If your team/league is NOT on that chart then you do NOT have permission to utilize our servers. Do NOT expect someone to leave our private servers for your league if you have not signed up! Does this mean EVRacing Motorsports will start charging for use of their servers? Not yet. If everyone cooperates then I see no need for charging. Thank you for your cooperation and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Mind How You Go,

Jamie Hoofman
aka Shadow32
EVRacing Motorsports

* NOTE * Starting in March we will be re-vamping the server schedule. You will need to re-apply for the server space at the end of each "EVRacing Season." This is mostly due to the abuse of racers utilizing our private servers when they are not on our schedule. Also there have been a few leagues that have opt'd to change the weekday that their league events occur. This has caused some confusion when they discover later on (usually after creating a new season, logos, webpage, etc... that another Team/League has their desired time slot. Please have your server application in before the end of each EVRacing Season. EVRacing Seasons are as follows:

Season       Dates
Winter       Dec. 1st - Feb. 29th
Spring       Mar. 1st - May  30th
Summer       Jun. 1st - Aug. 29th
Fall         Sept.1st - Nov. 28th

** NOTE **  We are no longer accepting new applications.  thx  EVRMSG.

* What is a server application?

Simply email Shadow32 explaining your league by answering the following:

1) What game Type (DTR,DTR2,DTRSC,LeadFoot)
2) Name of your Team (WoW, OMM, EVR, ACR, IGGR, MoFo, etc...)
3) Name of your League (Thunder, MARS, MidNiteMods, etc...)
4) Desired Day (Mon,Tues,Wed, etc...)
5) Desired Time (ex...7PM - 9PM EST)
6) Alternate desired Day and Time (in case of conflict)
7) How Many servers? The Default is only one server... If you need another let me know.
NOTE - Your chances are much better for your desired Day/Time if you only request one server.
8) How long is your season? (EVR's entire Spring Season,or Mar 7-Apr 25, etc...)
9) League Administrator's name and race name ( John Doe aka DoeRunner )
10) League Administrator's email address (MUST be a VALID email address!)
11) League website address (ex...

Current EVRacing BatCave Server Schedule
DTR1 Servers
Day       Time            Server             League
Mon.    9PM-11PM EST    .137 and .131    NCBR - DTR1 League

Tues.   9PM-11PM EST    .137 and .131     ACR - DTR1 League

Thurs.  8PM-10PM EST    .137 and .131    IDRS - OSR

Sat.    9PM-11PM EST    .137              JCR - JCR

Sun.    8PM-10PM EST             .131     SNR - SNRL Lates
Sun.    8PM-10PM EST    .137             I-44 - I44RL

DTR2 Servers

Day       Time            Server             League
Mon.    7PM- 9PM EST    .137 and .131     EVR - MARS Lates
Mon.    9PM-11PM EST    .137 and .131     EVR - XODS Mods
Mon.   11PM- 1AM EST    .137 and .131     WFO - Mods / Lates

Tues.   8PM-10PM EST    .137 and .131    IDRS - DTR2 League
Tues.  10PM-12AM EST    .137 and .131     ACR - DTR2 League

Weds.   7PM- 9PM EST    .137 and .131    MoFo - Lates
Weds.  12AM- 2AM EST    .137 and .131     ACR - LateNiteSeries

Thurs.  7PM- 8PM EST    .137 and .131     EVR - MARS ProStocks
Thurs.  8PM-11PM EST    .137 and .131    IGGR - IGGR Leagues

Fri.    8PM-10PM EST    .137 and .131     ARO - WoO Ghost's

Sat.    8PM-10PM EST    .137 and .131     SRC - SRC ProStocks
Sat.   10PM-12AM EST    .137 and .131    MoFo - King Series
Sat.    1AM- 2AM EST    .137 and .131    MoFo - SatNiteOutlaws

Sun.    7PM- 9PM EST    .137 and .131    MoFo - PA SmBlock
Sun.    9PM-11PM EST    .137 and .131     SRC - SRC ProStocks