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The EVRacing TRT Nationals/Series

What is the EVRacing Series?
Its simple... There will be a track announced on Monday. Also announced will be the track wet and how many laps. You can run the track as many times as you like during the week. On the following Monday the results will be announced. You must run on an EVR server to get your times counted. Points will be rewarded for the fastest (TRT) session of the registered racers on the track.

Who will be eligible?
Any racer who pledges to follow the format rules and be clean, honest, and professional. Rules will be the same as the Quick10 Rules with the following additions... You must run the full number of laps posted. You must run the track wetness that is posted. You must follow the rules listed below. You can run the race as often as you wish during the week. The best TRT will be counted. You must run default chassis. You must run the default tracks. Tire Wear must be turned ON.

All times are subject for review by the EVRacing Board and they could deem your times illegal. If so then your times and points will be removed from the website.

1. You Must Run a Legal Chassis (i.e. one included with the game)

2. No Cheating! (this includes using slam passing to better your lap time) If your tactics are deemed unethical, you run the risk of being Black Listed and having all your records taken away! Race Clean!

3. You must run against an EVRacing Member if you are Protested by another racer for having an illegal time. This will give you the opportunity to prove that you in fact can or can not legally run those amazing times.

4. Zer0 Tolerance on cheating policy. Both Late Models and Sprints have a board assigned to review times ran on the EVRacing servers. If the members view your times as cheating or illegal then your times will be removed.

5. Wall Banging / Bashing to obtain better lap times will NOT be tolerated. If you cant prove your time with an EVR member and with damage on then its not legal. Other leagues / sites may accept wall bashing but EVRacing will not accept that sort of driving antics on our charts.

6. DTR2 - Hypershifting will not be tolerated! Using an auto or manual transmission is okay. However, rapidly shifting back and forth to obtain better lap times will be deemed illegal. This will be strictly and swiftly enforced!

7. Some tracks have a flaw in their scoring system that allows for someone to "cutt" across the infield sections to obtain better lap times. We have stuided this and will not be allowing those runs in our charts. If a racer is running times close to the "cutt" times then that racer is subject to Protest and may lose all points and charting eligibility if the racer cannot prove their times are legit with an EVRacing Member present.

8. Have fun!

We try to update daily, however, a better answer is as often as time permits. Keep in mind, we all work full-time and have families, both of which come before DTR.