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Since the heart of our organization is our members, the only way to get to know us is to get to know them. So, following are some short Biographies of our active members. If you would be interested in joining us, find one of these guys on the server and let them know.

Shadow32 / EVR_s32 - #32 Stallion - Sponsors include: Extreme Velocity Racing and DennyS Skins I like both DTR titles... DTR and DTRSC I prefer the LateModels, So you will most likely catch me throwing dirt on the EVRacing Late Model server. My favorite track in DTR is Paris My favorite track in DTRSC is Lernerville - I am a computer network engineer. I enjoy keeping up with the NASCAR , MARS , and WoO racing action. I am also a youth pastor for my church. I have a lovely wife and two great little girls. I am 32 years old. I love music and working on and around sound equipment. (More...)

In addition to being a 33 year old happily married father of two, Bumpkin is also an independant computer programmer and web designer who enjoys racing virtual late models in his free time. His favorite ride is an Evil Flame Solar #42 and his favorite tracks are Oldero and Arlington. If you see him around the track, be sure to compliment him on the job he did creating this website. Everything you see here was created by him in his "spare" time! (More...)

My Name is Rod. I live in Southern Indiana with my wife of 11 yrs. Julie and son Langdon. We currently have another son on the way due in March 2003. His name will be Louden. I have been around Dirt Track Racing all my life. My favorite cars are the late models. I have been racing online since 1999 when DTR1 first came out. I have been a Member of EVRMSG since late 2000 early 2001. What can I say about this group! The guys of EVRMSG are some of the best buds you can have. I try and keep the group rolling in fancy rides (Painted Skins). I have a paintshop site for all to view and be sure to sign my guest book. Take care all and see you on the track. (More...)

My name is Jim Jackson (jj) I live in Antioch, IL I am 35 married with 2 kids. I have been around racing all my life, never raced in real life but someday I will lol. (More...)

Hello, my name is James Armstrong I am 38 yeas old been married for almost 14 years. I have 2 daughters one is 5 and the other is 2. I have been a stay at home dad for over 4 years now and I hate it. It's too much. I have been racing DTR since day one and I and not much better than I was when I first started. I won many races and some championships in the early days of DTR. Everyone started getting really fast and I thought I might be a better promotor than racer. I still race but not as much as I use to. (More...)

Hi there, this is EVR_77... you may know me as Dr_Dirt. Most just call me Doc. (More...)

My name is Keaton Laffoon. I live in Lake Village, IN. I started playing DTR way back in 1999. After running offline and getting very bored of it I started racing online. Making the switch to online from offline was quite an adjustment but I soon got the hang of it. I look forward to racing and having fun with you all. See you all on the track! (More...)

My Name is Jim, I'm 38 yrs YOUNG,I live in Bellwood, PA with my wife of 13 yrs and 5 kids ages 19,15,10,8 and 6. I race in the Steel Block Late Model Division. I have been racin online every since DTR2 came out. (More...)

Hi this is David Lanne aka EVR_99. You normally see me in the DTR1 circles and I Admin the IDRS Old School League for DTR1. (More...)

I'm 48 years old, married to wife Debbie, have 3 daughters, Nikki, Jen and Kylee. I have been involved in racing all my life. My dad owned an open wheel sportsman car back in the late 50s. They ran with great success for a couple of years before he realized he had too many kids (I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters) to continue supporting a habit like dirt track racing. So racing was put on hold until 1968 when I crewed for a number of teams until 1974 when me and my brothers decided to build a 1957 Chevy. I have been actively involved in racing ever since. (More...)

Hello all my name is James LLoyd I run under the name of EVR_Bandit30. Been around Dirt Track Racing all my life. I guess you would say its in my blood. I have been online I guess too long lol been playing online games for long time. I play just the Dirt Track games since I been racing online and I have met some wonderful people. I spend most of my time right now playing the DTR2 title. (More...)

I'm 18 years old. I have one 5 month old son. I have lived in KY since I was born. I've been around on the dirt tracks since I was a little kid. My dad has made some great laps on the tracks. I have been racing since dtr1 came out. Dirt track racing is the greatest sport that has ever come out. The EVRMSG are some real cool people. Run clean and race hard. Couldn't ask for any better. I would really like to thank my dad for standing behind me. Runs in the blood. (More...)

Hey all my name is Barry.(Dad of EVR_Bcool) I have a Great wife of 18 years. I have found a great group of people to race with here. I enjoy going to the home town tracks here in KY--- GO BIG BLUE--- had to get that in LOL. I like to cut up alot if I pick at you its all in fun. (More...)

My name is Brian Griffin . I have raced for about 4 years . I enjoy online racing , hunting and fishing . (More...)

My name is Brad Warren i am 40 years old married 21 years with 20 year old son. Im from Pulaski County Kentucky but now live in Cincinnati Ohio.Worked in Steel and Aluminum mostly overhead cranes CNC machines.Been around racing most my life. (More...)

My name is Sonny Davis. I'm from Fayetteville,NC. I raced for a short time at Fayetteville Motorspeedway, NC and Lakeview Speedway, SC from '92-'94 in the Super Street Division. Racing is in my blood... There has been at least one family member runnin' Fayetteville Speedway since the early '70's and still is to this day. I've been runnin' DTR for about 2 years now. (More...)

Budman - racing involement - spends his spare time helping his buds on their limited sportsman during last season and next year a Late Model. Budman owns a heating and Air business and he also has a sheet metal and welding shop. Currently he resides in Paducah Kentucky. He has a lovely wife and five great children. Budman also has a grandson who "wants to drive budmans car and crash into Bumpkin" He currently has no favorite tracks and he is waiting on Shadow32 to post his setups before trying out sprints. (More...)

My name is Jim Buldo, I'm 49 years old and live in Clifton New Jersey. My nickname to my friends is "BULL". Got that nickname in high school playing football. (More...)

bio-generation in progress (More...)

Hey there friends! My name is Jim Cripps, hence the nickname Crippler, not because i enjoy crippling I was born and raised in a small town in Dalton, Massachusetts. I'm 39, married, and have a 9yr old son. I work as a technician in the only paper company in the world that produces paper used to print U.S. currency. (More...)

Danny Waller Jr., I am 38 yrs old, & single. I live in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I have been around racing all my life, as i have done Drag Racing, & Dirt Track Racing. Thanks for the induction into EVR as a Team Member. Thanks to 5rf, Crippler, Slider, & Shadow, & all the EVR Team. (More...)

My name is Dave. I am a retired public school teacher. In May of 2003 I turned 65 years old so if anyone thinks I drive like an old man then you are right. LOL However, I am young at heart. I lived most of my life in Kansas but in September of 2002 we moved to Batesville, Arkansas. (More...)

im 52 years old married for 29 years work full time and just enjoy loafing on time off or playing dtr on computer. (More...)

FORD_E_4 - 50+ , vietnam vet and happily married. Been a race fan since he was 8 yrs old when he first saw open-wheelers on dirt. Ford's first taste of Winged Sprinters came when he was on temporary duty in Santa Maria, CA. Ford and his wife went to the Sprint Car races every Saturday. He is fast with Sprints and is getting faster in the late models. (More...)

Hi there this is EVR_Gerb. You will normally see me in the DTR2 circles. (More...)

Best Owl you will ever race against. (More...)

bio-generation in progress... (More...)

EVR_jake - 49yr old vietnam vet. He is an extruder operator making refrigerator gaskets in a plastics plant. Happily married to a lovely wife(Sue), for 30 years with 4 kids age 29 to 17 and proud as heck grandpa to 5 super grandkids. He has coached several softball and hockey teams. He is a weekly fan of sprint car racing action in the upper midwest. His theory of learning the basics and playing fair but going hard has carried over to DTRSC. (More...)

Hi there this is EVR_JBR. Been known to work on a few real race cars here and there. (More...)

EVR_jpat is a 39+ year old sales rep for a national co. He's the father of one and has been married to his very tolerant wife for 20+ years. In some circles (mostly dirt), he is considered a "barely" capable engine tuner for some bad fast dirt late models. He's been involved in racing since 1974 teaming up with a high school friend for a few years and then going out on his own before reuniting with his high school pals. (More...)

My name is Joe York and I have been racing the dtr titles since the beginning. As of now I am co-founder and owner of Ozark Mountain Motorsports,with my good friend Zim. (More...)

Kilbey - Old guy from Hunstville, AL, single father with 2 sons. He works as a technician in wireless communications(cell phones). During the race season Kilbey is the flagman at a kart track called Toney Speedway - (More...)

My name is Eric Reynolds. I am 30 and still love to play games. I grew up in Illinois but currently reside in Michigan. I live with my girlfriend, who I've been with for 7 years. I am a Consultant for a company who sells Business Management software. I will be starting back to school in the fall to get a degree in software engineering with a major in Game Programming. (More...)

Born and raised in Ky but living in Cincinnati. Spent five years in the Navy then got an associates degree in Biomedical Electronics. Currently working on big screen TVs. Love racing but I've never had a chance to run anything for real. I'm hoping to have at least a bomber someday to mess around with at the local track, Florence, Ky. (More...)

Mod355 (More...)

hi there this is mt. (More...)

bio-generation in progress... (More...)

Hello there, this is EVR_NC Rocket. You may catch me in DTR1 or DTRSC. Lately I have been running some asphalt. (More...)

Hi there, this is EVR_OutlawJR. Thanks dad for introducing me to EVR! (More...)

I'm 58 years young and I'm now living in the Buckeye state of Ohio. I have one daughter, Tara, and one terrific grandson named Jay who reside in Sarasota, Florida. My passions have always been racing, baseball and football. "...let me say that words can't describe what it's like to be a part of such an elite group of racers and brothers..." (More...)

My race name is EVR Phoenix. I've been running dirt track racing for a long time. I've recently gotten back into the group and back into the game. I've been out of touch for a while but I'm back under a new name. Find me online and I'll be happy to run a few clean laps with you. (More...)

Hi there, this is RD88. I race a real racecar around our local tracks. Here is a small pic of my weekend hotrod. (More...)

REAPER - #51 Stallion - REAPER has been involved in racing go-karts since he was 9 or 10 years old. He really enjoys the online racing experience of racing with other guys/gals in DTR. Currently REAPER does not have a favorite track he likes all of them as long as he is in front. He likes to put on a good show for the competition ...he states that " I'm not a quitter...If I lose, don't worry, I'll be back with a vengeance. lol " (More...)

Hey friends! I'm Alan (or Al). I'm 35, single & live in the Chicagoland burbs. I run the welding department for a company that manufactures & rebuilds transmission componants. My biggest hobby (until DTR2 came along, heheh) is music. (More...)

RYAN5R #5 Ryan prefers the DTR Late Models. Ryan lives in Sandusky, OHIO on the lake just 2 miles from Cedar Pint. Ryan drives a Real Limited Late Model at Attica Raceway Park. ARP is a 1/3 mile dirt oval about 30 miles from Ryan's house. He owns an Auto Repair Shop in Sandusky. Ryan is 26 and he is married with one 4yr old son ( jordan) and another baby on the way. Ryans favorite tracks are North Texas for DTR Lates and Wayne County for DTR Sprints (More...)

My race name is EVR_Slotman. I've been running dirt track racing about 1 1/2 years. I'm 35 years young. I've been married 9 years and we have three children (hers and ours. I enjoy slotcar racing (1/64 scale) and have been messing around the race track lately. I'm working on a 81 El Camino to take to the track. I'm a heavy equipment mechanic. I've been doing this work for about 17 years now. (More...)

my name is Jay Sponseller from New Oxford PA 33 years old... (More...)

Steve - #15 - Races in both DTR and DTRSC. He prefers sprints because there is no shifting. Steve has raced karts for 20 years. He has competed in the WKA Dirt National Series for the past 8 years. During this time he has gathers 5 poles, 3 race wins, and many top 5's in the national points. He also has over 100 wins in local, state, national and pro/money events. Favorite tracks are DTR:Paris - DTRSC:Pike. Steve is a 31 year old professional computer geek with an inexcusable competitve streak. He builds home and car audio systems, races the karts in Dirt Nationals and place way too much DTRSC. He also does a lot of automotive work, metal fabrication, and engine building. Feel free to ask him if you have any PC hardware questions. (More...)

Hi there, this is EVR_TENNESSEE. You will most likely see me running the DTR2 LateModels. I work on a real late model... BOB Rookie of the Year and Overall Points Champion. (More...)

Hi there this is VooDoo. You might have seen me running other names such as EtherBunny or incognito. Some say I know how to setup a latemodel in DTR2. Well, you will just have to download my setups and see for yourself. (More...)

Hi there, this is Wheelspin. Spent many laps running DTR1 and DTRSC. Built some dandy setups and have shared them on this very site. Download them and give them a whirl. Never know, you may just start spinnin your wheels too. (More...)

EVR-WILD BILL real name Mark Doll im 50 years young and live in Geneva, Ohio. I married to my wife Sandi aka wild hOOters, and have two daughters and one grandson. The whole ev crew is great, i can honestly say i haven't met an ev member that i haven't liked.wildbillbio.gif (More...)

Xman / EVR_X - #75 - Races both DTRSC and DTR. Xman's favorite tracks are Nocks Hills for DTR and Pike for DTRSC. He in in his late 30's. Xman is actively involved in racing. On any given night during the racing seasons you may catch him in Supermodifieds, Midgets, Silver Crown, TQ's, Motorcycles, RC cars, Slot cars and also ( as Xman puts them ) taxi cabs. Xman works in the automotive business and most of the cars he races in real life are fabircated with his shop. (More...)

My name is Bob Campbell, I'm 48, retired Auto worker. I have been married to my wife Teri, (The Boss)for almost 8 yrs. I have 6 kids, 4 plus grandbabies. My hobbies are playing my guitar, had a top 40's country band for years, deer hunting, fishing and woodworking, and keeping the family fleet up and running, such as repairs, body work and painting em up. I'm a nascar fan, I like #29, But Dale was the man! I love any racing on the Dirt, Lates and Outlaw Sprints rule! Helped my son build a racer for this spring, a street stock, looking forward to watching him race this yr. My greatest achievements, my wife and family, playing a rodeo in front of 23,000 people, and becoming a EVR member. (More...)

Hi My name is Adam Zuidema, i have proudly ran ZRF motorsports for a year and a half now... Most my Sim racing achievements came in the good ole days at OMM... (More...)