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To get full benefit from our site, you really should Login.

There are hundreds of good racing and racing simulation sites out there. Following are a few of the sites we enjoy. If you have a site you would like to see included on our list. Contact Us and let us know!

Black Hole Motorsports
Best Web site for Driving Sim games!

Legacy EVRacing Site
Link to the Legacy EVRacing site for reference.

Mid South Racing news!

Swartz_15's Website
Swartz_15 Custom Paint Shop featuring DTR skins !!!

Features the best sets on the net and some nifty ultilities!

Featuring the work of EVR_5rf and one of the best paint shops in DTR.

Batesville Speedway
Shadow32's hometrack in real life !!! This track features the MARS series and the TOPLESS100.

West Plains Speedway
Shadow32's other favorite track ! Home of the Show-Me 100

Seeker's ShadeTree Website
Seeker's ShadeTree Website... Lot's of interesting stuff here !!!

Chasin Racin
One of the Most Complete Racing Webpages for the Fan of nearly every form of Real Racin!

Xtreme Dirt Car Series
Takin it to the Xtreme! Formerly UDTRA, formerly Hav-A-Tampas

Salted Slug Racing
Great Website about Karts and the Kart racing action. Look may see REAPER's kart results here.

The Speed Zone
The #1 source for Dirt and Ashalt Late Model racing news and information

That's Racin
One of my favorite NASCAR sites FORUMS
The most complete Forum site for all your SIM and REAL Racing needs

JRT Online
Custom Skins and such

Great Website by a Fierce Competitior

Online Racing . CC
Home of the some fo the greatest add-ons for Ratbag titles

Grave Diggers Site
Home of the Grave Yard !

OFR Racing
Old Fart Racing ... RejectPC's website

Precision Speed Inc... Nice NASCAR 2002 Website

Southern United Professional Racing Series Website

Xtreme Dirt Racing Web site

Featuring the Ozark Mtn Mods League

Mid Nite Mod Series - Featuring stout league competitors from all over the net

Old School Racing - Featuring DTR1 events