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Here's what other people have been saying...

Posted By IGGR_SCH on 2/14/2005 at 10:41
Nicesite guyz keep up the good work..When is the Quick x gona start for prostocks??

Posted By Anonymous on 2/11/2005 at 06:58
One good thing about it softshoe, they cant beat you by doing it, they have to drop to rear of field to get those wallbanging laps or everyone would see them. The one thing DTR2 has going for it over other games is the fact that it is near impossible for anyone to cheat.

Posted By Gusty on 2/11/2005 at 01:07
Just stopped bye to say Hello,I race with alot of the EVR Guys. All seem to be very Fast.
Good Clean Racers.
I Build Street and race car motors.My Father's Been in Bussiness for 20 years Here in Illinois. We have a Dyno and We run late models on the Side for Fun all over TheMidWest(IL,IOWA,MO,).Davenport,Jackson county,Peoria,WestLiberty,Farley,Burlington,Ozkaloosa,Dubuque,1 Race a Year at (IMCA) At DesMoines. (Fair Race) Won that a few times, 1at ciderRapids On concret.. I stay busy with the Shop and Racing in RL But still gotta play DTR2

Posted By IGGR_SoftShoe on 2/11/2005 at 00:50
WOW {HATE}- quick times right now at TERRA is by MACH at 13.97 and at GROVE is 13.52 by 5RF and you ran a 13.55 at Terra and a 13.24 at Grove. You got to be joking, if you think we all are going to believe you are over 3 tenths of a lap faster than the best drivers and setup guys in the game! I am pretty good at alot of tracks, have alot of times in hotlaps and quick tens, and I am still trying to keep up with the guys faster than me, and there is alot of them who are faster than me! What makes me sick is, I run lap after lap on these tracks until my hands and shoulders are killing me, just trying to gain a hundredth of a second at a time at these tracks,and then a jerk like you comes along and tries to pull this crap, and then doesnt understand why no one can believe he is not cheating. and as far as hoping this is not the way EVR runs things,What do you mean? Do you expect them to play stupid for you? Why dont you spend your time practicing instead of bouncing off of the walls, and get your fast time the right way! Keep up the good work Shadow and team EVR!

Posted By Anonymous on 2/10/2005 at 23:52
Hate, this is the same thing that happened to your buddy Chevy, I was in server way back when he ran ridiculous times at Grove and Terre but would always finish last, so I saved replays, left server watched and saw he was driving straight into wall in turns, I went back in and called him out on it and never saw or heard from Chevy again, remember that was back when you two were GRT Chevy and GRT Hate.

Posted By Shadow32 on 2/10/2005 at 18:01
I'll just let the facts speak for themselves. Times ran on our servers...

Williams Grove 02/03,WOW { HaTe },13.24268 fastlap

Terre Haute 01/09,WOW { HaTe },13.55840 fastlap

Rodeo 02/05,WOW { HaTe },14.97914 fastlap

Posted By ro22s on 2/8/2005 at 12:57
this site is frackin' ausom. way cool thanks for the rockin' site ya'll gots here i be seein ya roun on da track

Posted By Slider on 2/8/2005 at 09:30
Thanks to the maker of this site! I finally got a setup guide, and one that makes sence!

Posted By EVR / IGGR Meet and Greet on 2/8/2005 at 08:39
Dont miss out! EVRacing Motorsports Group and Team IGGR are planning a huge meet and greet. We will be enjoying the pretigious Topless100 race at Batesville Speedway - August 19th and 20th. This event draws the best dirt latemodel drivers in the country. With over $40k for just taking 1st place, the event normally attracts the best! This track is a fast multi-grooved hi-banked 3/8 mile speedbowl. With lightning quick speeds and concrete walls around the racing surface... you're sure to see some excitement! Make plans now to be there!!!

Posted By WOW < HaTe > on 2/6/2005 at 19:11
Not sure what times were, weren't even that much ahead of old record, not sure who was host either sorry bud.

Posted By evrjake on 2/5/2005 at 16:17
Who was host? And what times did you turn?

Posted By WOW < HaTe > on 2/5/2005 at 11:15
Kind of disappointed since i got accused of cheating in what would be the fastest lap in a late ever at terre and rodeo, since i even proved to everyone in the server that i wasnt cheating, when they turned damage on. Real disappointed since i got banned from server for turning two good laps. I hope this isnt the way that you guys run things, cuz if it is true, thats pretty bad

Posted By Anonymous on 2/3/2005 at 17:37
Only thing LilB about your league, it happens to fall same night and time as IGGR Late Models.

Posted By XDR_Hinzman on 2/3/2005 at 11:23
Sup Guys,

I was just wanting to let all of u guys know that we are starting Season 1 in Team XDR starting next Thursday. We will be racing every Thursdays nights at 8:30 Eastern time. All EVR,IGGR,Mofo, and VLR Team Members are welcome to race with us in Season 1. If anyone of u EVR,IGGR,MoFo, or VLR racers want to race with us in Season 1 plz email me at the addy below. Also if anyone wants to tryout for Team Xtreme Dirt Racing plz feel free to email me. Our first track will be at Knox. We race regular latemodels also. Thx for you alls.
See u guys on the track-

XDR Site- (As of right now)

Posted By Rantin_26 on 1/30/2005 at 17:53
Can i get my link to my site posted here, i have a direct to here already on mine, check it out, , thanx, been coming here for years now....

Posted By Marc on 1/25/2005 at 13:19
Good Luck with what?

Posted By WOODN on 1/24/2005 at 21:44
Good Luck Bong!!

Posted By OER_Panther on 1/21/2005 at 13:24
Heya's EVR, been about 2 or 3 years but I have decided to bring back OER. We are now under new leadership, (ME) and the name will stand for Oval-Extreme Racers. I have contacted a few other old members and they have stated that they would participate, I will have site up soon, Let me know if any of you EVR ppl are interested. Cya's Later,

Posted By WOODN on 1/16/2005 at 13:03

Posted By extract!!! on 1/13/2005 at 11:45
Woodn is a genius, if anyone knows it is him

Posted By WOODN on 1/13/2005 at 06:40
Fearless try

Posted By fearless32 on 1/12/2005 at 22:42
keeps telling me i need a password

Posted By That's cool on 1/12/2005 at 11:31
that's cool. It seems like there are less and less racers left in dtr2, and dtr1, so it's good that ppl are still interested and getting back in it, and it's good to know that ppl have been going on so long.

Posted By EVR_39 on 1/12/2005 at 06:58
How about this, after a long much needed break No Cry Baby Racing DTR1 series started back up tonite and while drawing 8 great racers EVR took the top 4 spots.
What a great way to start my 5th year in hosting this series and it's great to be back.

Here is feature finishing order:
1. EVR_39
2. EVR_99
3. EVR_BG9
4. EVR_Dusty

James Armstrong

Posted By extract on 1/11/2005 at 19:46
extract them into your dtr2 folder...and create a folder called "setups" if there isn't one already, and then go in to the game and do a race and click on the 'tune' screen and then click load setup and find the one you want to download, hope this helps.

Posted By fearless32 on 1/11/2005 at 16:54
like the site but can't figure out how to get the downloaded setups into my game

Posted By Sharpie on 1/11/2005 at 11:32
I know, I just figured that I would go ahead and change my name on here for when you guys let me join. Just kidding, Sharp

Posted By Shadow32 on 1/10/2005 at 15:59
Sorry Sharpie... you are not a member of EVR. Thanks for the nice comments tho.

Posted By James on 1/10/2005 at 08:00
Very good site, glad I came here, lot's of good racer, Thanks for the great site.

Posted By EVR_Sharpie on 1/7/2005 at 13:34
Fantastic Site, Great Skin's, Great Setup's, Great Member's. Thanks for letting me be a part of EVR!

Posted By cowartice on 1/6/2005 at 15:00
Love the site!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By IcanSpel on 1/6/2005 at 11:19
Yes I can two spel, reel good to,


Posted By IGGR_iam4rcr3 on 1/5/2005 at 21:45
Note to self...Proofread before hitting enter.....SoftShoe NOT SoftShow

Posted By IGGR_iam4rcr3 on 1/5/2005 at 21:43
Ditto to what SoftShow said. Great bunch of guys here.

Posted By IGGR_SoftShoe on 1/5/2005 at 19:21
Well i dont know what some people think,but i race with alot of you EVR Cats along with my IGGR brothers,and all i have seen is a bunch of clean racers who are very patient with newcomers,and are very helpful,and courteous,Both team IGGR and EVR are very professionally ran teams and i cant thank them enough for all the help and support they have given me.So maybe you slow thinkers out there who are crying because you got booted,and now are writing a bunch of garbage in the guestbook,maybe should quit being so wreckless on the track,and be more courteous of your fellow racers,and actually get a clue on what online racing is really about.Then maybe you wont be booted and you will then be treated with the respect you want.But obviously whoever is writing the garbage in here does not even respect himself.

Posted By EVR_BoNg on 1/5/2005 at 17:43
It looks like we have another idiot on the loose tryin' to stir up trouble at EVR. When will they learn that it'll be a cold day in he** before EVRMSG closes it's doors :)


Posted By Anonymous on 1/5/2005 at 14:09
HUH? Did I miss something?

Posted By donald on 1/5/2005 at 13:12
y are u quitting evr?

Posted By bfg on 1/5/2005 at 12:32
After I read a bit farthere into our archives, I noticed a lot of things that EVR has done that I am not exactly proud of, and never have and never will, so as of now, I think that I will have to *try* and close down EVR, I know it is sad, but some of the behavior of the online driver's has made me wish I was good enough alsdfkjasd IamStupid-brother-of-IcantSpell

Posted By IcantSpell on 1/5/2005 at 11:39
WTF is your problem EVR, I have had so many reports in the forum about you kicking member's from the EVR server, I will not tolerate this type of behavior and once I find out who is doing this, you can bet money that they will be removed from the team, I am sorry but I am absoulutely appaled by you guys' behavior, I know we have some good honest member's, but you guys need to take it easy,

how do you spell?,
King Looser

Posted By lewy on 1/3/2005 at 11:12
congrats to woody! and to evr,good catch!

Posted By Bud on 1/2/2005 at 09:37
Lewy is still slow lol

Posted By VLR_Shock on 12/30/2004 at 10:31
Hi, I don't know if you guys are still accepting sign-ups for the quick X series, but I would like to participate in it. I was in the evracing server this morning, and I was getting low 13.50's every time at Knox in a Late Model, and I would be interested in doing the quick X, Thanks, Later,

BTW, Great Site!

Posted By Crazyman83 on 12/23/2004 at 11:01
happy holidays

Posted By lewy on 12/22/2004 at 18:02
merry christmas all !!!!

Posted By IGGR_iam4rcr3 on 12/22/2004 at 05:38
Hate that I missed Monday nights race y'all, had some shopping and family things needed to do, same as this coming up Monday will be out of town. Have A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Y'ALL!!

Posted By XRL_*LilB* on 12/21/2004 at 19:12
Hey guys,
I was just wondering how do u run in the quickx and how does that work, cuz i wanted to try to beat some of those times in there. my email address is if someone will tell me how that works. Thx alot- XRL_*LilB* :)

Posted By XRL_BudC on 12/21/2004 at 16:26
man guys im calling my lawyer this site is not handicap accessible

your buddy and pal
Donny The R3tard

Posted By XRL_*LilB* on 12/18/2004 at 16:25
Just thought I would stop by and tell u guys what a good job u guys are doing on the site and out on the track. Keep up the good work. Also Merry Christmas to all EVR Members, u guys stay safe.

Posted By bud on 12/16/2004 at 21:33
Just stop by to tell all evr members happy christmas,and thanks for all the good racin see you all soon,u 2 mud

Posted By SCH on 12/14/2004 at 17:46
Check my site out i paint skins for dtr2 an now sas feel free to drop by request form there if ya want a skin

Posted By WOODN on 12/9/2004 at 06:59
Look out guys Lagging Lewy has DSL ..... soon to be called Lighting Lewy!!

Posted By lewy on 12/7/2004 at 21:14
like to say thanks to all the evr guys for lettin me be apart of the fun. and thank ya mud, jake, spoon, gas, woodn for pushin me and makeing me practice to be able to hang with ya all. and mud , what can i say, u r the man, i bet i got 100 more hrs runnin the charts and u smoked by me,lol great job bud!

Posted By EVR39 on 11/27/2004 at 08:41
December 20 @ 8 pm central No Cry Baby Racing will be host the 360 Sprint Winter Nationals.
Check out for details.

Posted By stags on 11/24/2004 at 15:58
Happy Thanksgiving EVerybody!! Lookin forward to runnin with you guys once basketball season is over.

Posted By lewy on 11/24/2004 at 15:39
just wanted to say happy thanksgiving too all! and thanks again evr for the fun!

Posted By TOMbrandvold™ on 11/23/2004 at 16:24

Posted By Rogenater on 11/19/2004 at 11:14
This is the most extreme racing site I have ever seen. I am new to being online. However I have been racing sims for many years. thank you for this opportunity to view this site hope to improve on my abilities in racing online ty very much. Roger Monroe

Posted By EVR_39 on 11/17/2004 at 18:47
Just letting everyone know that I'm still around and look forward to my series starting back up after x-mas.
I have decided to jump back to the DTR1 circuit due to the fact my pc does not run DTR2 very well. I hope to you at the track.


Posted By Edge on 11/17/2004 at 06:09
trying to get into Quick x but not much luck

Posted By MN WHISKEY#24 on 11/15/2004 at 08:26

Posted By howell81 on 11/13/2004 at 20:21
this good site i wish that good join your team

Posted By lewy on 11/12/2004 at 12:37
hey, my lap at bloom.66 was a warp lap,mud gave me a great push,lol like to get that removed if posible, ty

Posted By stags on 11/4/2004 at 19:12
sry i didnt look below the schedule lol

Posted By stags on 11/4/2004 at 19:06
Where can i get the greenbelt track.

Posted By Z-TW! on 11/1/2004 at 01:01
hey just wanted to say iv ran races evr guys and all i'v seen are clean and fast, makes for some fun raceing // keep up the good work// and clean out your guest book got some from 2000 lol

Posted By stags on 10/31/2004 at 13:52
are you saying i do or are you asking, cause i do lol

Posted By dirtcar1 on 10/30/2004 at 20:08
you have fast times

Posted By Stags on 10/23/2004 at 18:27
Hey EVR,
I've raced on DTR2 for awhile now, and i've noticed EVR is the premier team to race with, so i would like to join. please email me with details as to when i can race with some of you guys, and when i can tryout.

Posted By Anonymous on 10/15/2004 at 16:15


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Posted By Ryd3r on 10/14/2004 at 01:46
hey guys i wanted to let everyone know @ EVRacing that i added your linkt o my site ...feel free to vistit it @

Posted By BYR REBEL on 10/9/2004 at 09:51

Posted By slideways on 10/7/2004 at 22:13
great site.

Posted By rookie on 10/5/2004 at 22:40
hi all. what a great site and so helpful.i'm new at this DTR but i'm learnin,still aint a pro,yet.i been racin for a few years,i know i should be a pro by now,but. willin to learn..later all.

Posted By (DWI) ATVDOOD on 10/5/2004 at 12:38
Hello, im a admin with DWI RACING LEAGUE, its a nascar league developed from drivers from DTR, alot of our drivers came from the i44 racing league. My comment is we have been inviting the evr guys to bring good clean drivers to run in our 3 different series we run, as all leagues we have rules and i would think any 1 inviting some 1 to run in a league race would have them go read rules and understand them. Where im getting at is a few EVR guys were rude on our chat during race because we booted a driver after not responding after being ask to 5 times, he passed under caution, we do not race back, we have lucky dog rule, then another EVR driver says DWI is rude. Im sorry but i booted him also, all we want is for people to give and take a little on track so all drivers have a chance to finish and give respect to admins trying to make racing as clean as possible, i believe and always felt EVR was a great respected league, i think when a driver is racing with a league tag he or she should keep respect for the tag there using on there name. I hope they do not conduct their selves in that manner when yall have league races. Just wanted to clear the air, EVR is welcome, but why get down on dwi because the visiting guys dont read rules, our 3 series have been running for 20 events each here in 2004, so theres no excuse for people to not know rules, i just think our decisions should be respected during races and if you disagree save for after race, why disrupt whole race because a guy did not follow rules or respond and he got booted, why would you make a big deal in middle of race, this guy did not read rules. im sorry if im stepping on toes, i just wanted to share this comment. thank you for reading this.

Posted By lewy on 9/21/2004 at 15:22
hello, anywhere i can practice for the dover race ? would like to run with some of yall if its cool, let me know. tyvm

Posted By DDawg on 9/21/2004 at 12:54
I want to be able to sign up with the DTR2 QuickX races ... Yet I cannot thru the sign up page ... is it still possible?

Posted By EVRZAMP on 9/21/2004 at 07:37
Hey there counry boy!Get me your email addy, so I can drop ya a line! miss ya bud! Z.

Posted By Freeman on 9/21/2004 at 02:38
sry to sign again, but to contact me: (, i have msn messenger with that also)

Posted By Freeman on 9/21/2004 at 02:36
Hello all. I'm new to the online thing here. Hopefully one of you will give me some pointers. I'd like to join the PS season if it's not too late.

Posted By larry aka evr countryboy on 9/20/2004 at 19:26
hey all you dirt slingers just thought i would say that the site looks great and hey to all. maybe someday i will be able to climb back in and strap the ole helment back on. hehe.

Posted By EVR39 on 9/15/2004 at 20:48
NCBR/XODS will be back in full force on January 10, 2005. I am just burnt out and taking a much need break. I'm not gone just kicking back and taking care a bidness. Check the website for any updates.

I am working a new points system, race format and also I will only allow up to 20 racers sign up to race.
Not fast enough to make the sign up then you to dang slow.

Posted By EVR_Bandit30 on 8/31/2004 at 22:02
howdy all just wanted to say im still alive and kicking but still no internet just wanted to pop in and say to all the SAS Freaks out their that have the game cause when i get back be ready to fire those beasts up cause i promise u its gonna be fun ride peace all for now

Posted By EVR_39 on 8/29/2004 at 16:01
I am really cheesed right now with Homestead site builder. I have been having problems with them all this summer and I have been rebuilding my site over and over because of errors. I have no clue why this is happening because I have been using Homecrap for 4 1/2 years my league has been running.
So with this if I can not get them jerks to figure out what's wrong with my sitebuilder I will be forced to shut my league down. I am very very very angry right now.

I pay alot of money to have Homestead and to keep getting errors over and over just is not right.
Did I say I was very very very angry?
I told them cheeseheads to refund me my money and they could homestead up their butterscotch.

Again if I can not get my sitebuilder to work I will be force to cancel the DTR2 Late Model Fall Series and if that's the case I guess I will be very very very angry.

James "EVR_39" Armstrong

Posted By Shadow32 on 8/27/2004 at 10:14
Sorry your having a hard time on the 'public' server. Thats a problem with putting a server out in the public... occasionally racers not affliated with your team in any way get on there and muck things up.
Try changing your name and see if you still get kicked. If so then tell us who is doing the kicking and we will do what we can on our end to monitor the server.

Posted By HaTe on 8/26/2004 at 21:31
Actually im gettin kind of mad now, cuz thats the best server on the net and everytime i try to race in it some guy kicks and bans my ass sorry for the language but do something please!

Posted By WOW < HaTe > on 8/26/2004 at 02:00
NP Bro, but i was wondering if you could email the people telling me not to kick ban me, cuz i was just runnin in there for about 2 hours as host, and i gave host to one of my buds, and he even banned me so. No problem at all as long as its like it was, i love you evr guys your awesome

Posted By EVR_D_Waller on 8/25/2004 at 22:54
WOW < HaTe > Sorry bud that was me & I think i KB'ed the wrong person sincerly accept my appologies, we had some bad ones in the server and i was cleaning house and i must have looked at the player ID wrong sorry again... It was a mistake...

Posted By WOW < HaTe > on 8/25/2004 at 16:26
I Was wondering what WOW < HaTe > ever did to get banned for life from EVR32, cuz i am rarely in it, and when i am i cause no problems

Posted By Anonymous on 8/23/2004 at 15:52
yall have an awsome setup here and i was wonderin how to join e-mail me with details at

Posted By EVR_Bandit30 on 8/16/2004 at 09:35
Mercyyyyyyyy the Budman glad to see u bro hope u ready to fire the red number 8 bud car up lol glad to see you bro been long time me im offline right now but well be back soon so peace for now

Posted By Shadow32 on 8/16/2004 at 09:17
YO Budmeister! Been hoping that you would show your face around here again. Better Tires? I slapped some Hoosiers on mine... I couldn't stand that ratbag brand of tires. lol

Dont be a stranger. I know that EVR is about to tackle SAS Heat, N2k3 and DTR2 next season. It's going to be a challenge and some great racing fun!

Posted By EVR_Budman on 8/14/2004 at 18:54
Waassuupp, lol, Hello EVR Racers, first itme around here in awhile. Everything looks good! Good to see some buds still racing. Hey 32,99,Bump & Bandit. Maybe I'll get online with you soon. They come with any better tires yet? lol.

Posted By XLOHitman on 8/12/2004 at 13:10
Supp guys been along time.

Posted By EVR_39 on 8/5/2004 at 21:02
Bandit I will be running DTR2 TRT whenever I can figure out how to drive the manual. I always keep down shifting when I am suppose to up shift.
Those DTR2 cars are soooo different than DTR1 cars except one thing. I'm still slow. hahaha
When I start running DTR2 full time in september I will run as much as work and family allow me. I know monday nites are offlimit due to my league and the weekend is family fun time. So that leaves me 4 days to run and that's if I'm not working 12 hours a day laying asphult in 100 degree weather and if that's the case I'll be running my times in a nice cold shower. Ohhhh I love trying to make sense when I have taken Ambien. Ya know the sleeping pill. Well if you take it and try to stay awake it really mess with ya head and ya get loopy and then the memory loss kicks in. I always have to ask my wife if something happen that really did happen. Wink Wink....
I would like to take the time to thank the guys that put sooo much time into making EVR one heck of a raceteam. Whether you run dirt or asphalt all you racers rule. I am so proud to call everyone of you team mates and you too Dusty.
Dusty is one of my fav. He has been racing my series I believ since day one. He rocks. Ok Ambien is at the goofy.
Rock On Freeks.....

Posted By EVR_Bandit30 on 7/27/2004 at 15:19
hi guys and gals just poped in to say hi me im doing ok dont no when ill our if i can get back to racing on line but i well try my best to finish out the trt series bye emailing my logs in the Bandit is just haveing some tuff luck right now and just hope i can bounce back from it wish u all the best and keep rippin those charts up and keep it going stronge peace to my EVR Family and freinds

Posted By Shadow32 on 7/27/2004 at 08:13
YO DD !! Man look what the cat drug in. lol... long time no see bro! We've been wondering about you for some time man. Those little ones can demand a ton of time bro. We'll be keeping an eye out for ya.

Posted By EVr DIRT Driver on 7/26/2004 at 19:46
Also, thanks for the Hall of Fame induction. It is a great honor to be listed with Bumpkin, DennyS, Xman, Steve, JV, and S_K.

Posted By EVR DIRT Driver on 7/26/2004 at 19:43
Guess who's baaaaaaaaaaack??? LOL. Holy hell, it's been a long time. Having a little guy around is a lot of work. I am retired from racing. Sold my car even before my son was born. I am back and running offline. Maybe one of these days I will jump onto dtr2 and see what if I can still cause some damage with "da keys".

Posted By DDawg on 7/23/2004 at 19:23
Hey ... I want to thank EVRacing for listing a server on Gamespy ...
I have found some good racers that hang out therew ... too bad there always the few that can ruin it for all ... but last night from 10 to 12 was enjoyable ...

Posted By SLACKER on 7/23/2004 at 08:47
Have alot of fun racing with you EVR guys. Thanks to following RUSH around and getting the little pointers I've gotten much better. Have you ever thought of making a second EVR server and it be for add on tracks?? That would be cool.

Posted By EVR_39 on 7/20/2004 at 05:31
EVR feature wins in Xtreme Online Dirt Pure Stock Series. EVR BG9 - Eldon and Dodge County. EVR 39 - Manzanita and North Texas.

Posted By lewy on 7/19/2004 at 12:43
hey fellas, i think the time i posted for Lows is for a difrent track,i ran the Lows speedway i dl from this site and couldnt get out of the 40s, sry for the mix up

Posted By EVR_39 on 7/11/2004 at 18:17
Beginning September 13 Xtreme Online Dirt Series will be leaving DTR in the dust and make the long awaited jump to DTR 2. We'll be running the DTR 2 Mods. More details will be available as we get closer to race time. For those who have ran in my series for the last 4 1/2 years I would like to thank you and hope you follow me over to DTR 2.
James Armstrong

Posted By EVR_D_Waller on 7/11/2004 at 15:21
PBR_chevy89r sorry to hear news like that. Could you tell us who maybe was the host & we can investigate this matter. Cause us EVR members are not always there to have controll of the server. Let us know we will check into it...

Posted By PBR_chevy89r on 7/9/2004 at 15:38
who ever ws in your server today was a complete a hole i didn't do anything wrong a nd they banned me from your server it really pisses me off.

Posted By EVR 39 on 7/5/2004 at 21:23
I would like to say I'm sorry about the server problem this week but sometimes stuff happens......

The B and A Mains for 34 Raceway will be ran next week after the regular show. Every one that ran heats for 34 are locked in for next weeks races. EVR BG9, EVR 39, EVR Dusty, Dirtracer, DMC Donut and Joey are locked in the A Main and Dirtworker, NCBR 81B, OrangeBlur, ACR Murt, FastZach and IRS Jughead are locked in the B Main. Top 4 from B main will advance. B Main wetness: 48%, A Main wetness 44%.

Posted By butch3362 on 7/4/2004 at 23:13
Just want to stop and see your site for help in setups i'm just to slow

Posted By lewy on 7/1/2004 at 10:14
happy b day shadow!!!

Posted By Dirtracer on 6/30/2004 at 16:38
Weeeeeee!!! Happy Birrrrrrrrthday Shadow.... hope you have a wanderful birthday.

Posted By EVR_39 on 6/25/2004 at 20:37
Xtreme Online Dirt Series DTR1 Pures Stocks Monday Nite @ Boyd.

Posted By DKR_JyJ1s on 6/21/2004 at 16:13
I was wondering how i could become a member of your team..what steps need to be me at for your time

Posted By DKR_JyJ1s on 6/21/2004 at 16:09
i think u guys have an awsome site and everything together..keep up the great work...jyj1s

Posted By The Bandit Lves LOL on 6/21/2004 at 16:02
hey guys and gals if everything goes right ill be back next tuesday i hope but i wish u all well intell then peace

Posted By scs_vice_city on 6/20/2004 at 23:48
This web site, have many things!!. the best thing here I liked is: th DTR skins and setup!!.

Posted By Long Live The Bandit on 6/20/2004 at 13:49
hello to all my freinds and to my EVR Family well i am moved were i am at i have no phone our cable for now but maybe i can get some kinda internet soon might have to be dial up for time being lol god never thought i would say that agin but all is well with me just had alot of bad luck and its time for the Bandit to get his act straght and get back to were i was big and better so i wish all u a safe and wounderful life and keep slinging it cause guess what the dont no when dont no how but peeps the Bandit well be back so u guys and gals keep your eyes out for the black 18 cause u never no when he might pull in to a track near u and one otheir thing before i go all u EVR members keep theis charts alive a kickin cuase i well be back i see 20 plus peeps have turned in times for dtr2 lm and that is wounderful so lets keep it up and u guys try to help the boss out when u can from time to time help take some of the site load offf him he does great deal and gives us something pretty woundeerful and special weekend and week out so to all my EVR Family i well miss u guys and gals u be safe and becareful in your life take care intell me meet agin bye for now

Long Live The Bandit LOL

Posted By DW_rhino on 6/18/2004 at 23:17
gettin ugly on your server!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By schrader on 6/13/2004 at 09:39
Want to join ur league talked to EVR_R*U*S*H said to come here ty
MY Email addy is let me know ty

Posted By nina on 6/11/2004 at 16:44
singing in seing what it has to offer

Posted By MARS-Admin on 6/7/2004 at 14:04
If you would like to participate in the EVR Monday American Racing Shootout League for DTR2, simply email the DTR2 MARS league officials, Be sure to tell them that you want to join the MARS league racing action.

Be sure to check out and read the Rules within the MARS Overview section on the left!

We Qualify on the Mon-Wed before the race day. For instance for the race on Monday 14th, we will run Qualifying from the 7th-9th. Qualifying = 3 laps at the predetermined track wetness on one of the EVRacing servers. You can make 3 attempts at the 3 lap runs. The qualifying order is set by the 'TRT' (Total Race Time) and normally posted by Thursday evening or Friday morning. Then you simply show up on race day in the EVRacing Pits & Drivers Meeting at 7 pm EST. (follow link on left)

Normally heat lineups are set and the heat races start shortly after 7:15. After the heat races the top 6 drivers from all the heat races will goto the Dash for Cash race to set the Feature lineup. The remaining drivers will run a last chance race to fill the remaining 4 positions. The Feature races normally start around 8pm.

I hope that helps...

mind how you go,

MARS Admin - Shadow32

Posted By smokedog on 6/5/2004 at 15:13
please i need some help i am an amercan soldier and i want badly to race in your league but know how to join please help me

Posted By jlb on 5/24/2004 at 21:19

Posted By Admin on 5/24/2004 at 14:16
jlb... Checkout the Newbie's and Setup Guides.

Posted By MuddHopper on 5/23/2004 at 17:57
Hello, cool site, one question, how can i become a member?


Posted By EVR_39 on 5/23/2004 at 16:18
Is there anyone out there that paints skins for DTR? I need a pure stock skin to run in my summer series.
James Armstrong

Posted By jlb on 5/22/2004 at 12:52
o and i have dtr1

Posted By jlb on 5/22/2004 at 12:50
sup guys im just a newbie
and i need some help downloading set-ups and i was wondering if someone had any tips

Posted By XNA on 5/21/2004 at 14:38
For the hardcore gamers... Microsoft's new XNA software engine will rule!

"This will take all games to a new level of realism." Shadow32

Posted By lewy on 5/21/2004 at 13:33
hey i just noticed that on the driver points im boogerd myself!!!! i sighned in with a capital L and lower case on others ,can i get credit for them all ?sryLewy/lewy

Posted By EVR 39 on 5/20/2004 at 11:44
DTR1 Pure Stock Mania will kick off Monday June 7th at 8 pm central.
For more details go to

James Armstrong

Posted By KRISTIN on 5/16/2004 at 13:57

Posted By lewy on 5/12/2004 at 13:17
hey fellas!poped in to say love what yall have done with the game!!!you guys r very creative and make racein alot more than racein!!!ty for lettin me be a part of the fun!great sight!!!

Posted By EVR_39 on 4/26/2004 at 21:17
Muskogee 4/26/04

Heat 1 - 1. EVR Bandit30 , 2. EVR 99 , 3. EVR Dusty , 4. EVR 39 , 5. NCBR 81B
Heat 2 - 1. EVR 11 , 2. EVR BG9 , 3. IRS Jughead , 4. ACR Murt
Feature - 1. EVR Bandit30 , 2. EVR_99 , 3. EVR Dusty , 4. EVR 11 , 5. EVR 39 , 6. EVR BG9 , 7. IRS Jughead , 8. ACR Murt

Posted By #14nulf on 4/25/2004 at 10:51
Cool site, thanks 4 the set up tips.also thanks 4 the best racing site on game spy. later

Posted By MWO_Vega on 4/23/2004 at 14:25
Just curious if anybody is still using the servers on Tuesday nights? If not would it be possible for IDRS to use one or both of them from 9:00 - 11:00 est?

Posted By troyminator on 4/17/2004 at 21:49
great site, i'm new to online racing and learning a lot here.

Posted By EVR_39 on 4/5/2004 at 21:30

Heat 1 - 1. EVR_11 , 2. EVR_BG9 , 3. IRS_Jughead , 4. KYDR_Deebird , 5. EVR_39 DNS
Heat 2 - 1. EVR_99 , 2. EVR_Bandit30 , 3. EVR_Dusty , 4. NCBR_81B , 5. KYDR442
Feature - 1. EVR_BG9 , 2. EVR_99 , 3. EVR_Bandit30 , 4. EVR_Dusty , 5. IRS_Jughead , 6. EVR_39 , 7. NCBR_81B , 8. KYDR_Deebird , 9. EVR_11 DNF 11 laps , 10. KYDR442 DNF 3 laps

Posted By EVR_39 on 4/3/2004 at 09:40
Hello everyone,
Friday night Xtreme Pro Stock Shootout began the series at North Texas and only having 4 racers show up proved to be nothing but great racing. We ran the 3 heat race format and had 3 different winners and alot of close racing. I would like to thank EVR_99, EVR_Dusty and ACR_Murt for showing up. You guys put on a good show.
I would like to invite everyone out on monday nites and friday nites for some good DTR1 racing.

Thanks for your time,
James Armstrong

Heat 1 - 1. EVR_39 , 2. EVR_99 , 3. EVR_Dusty , 4. ACR_Murt
Heat 2 - 1. EVR_Dusty , 2. EVR_99 , 3. EVR_39 , 4. ACR_Murt
Heat 3 - 1. EVR_99 , 2. EVR_39 , 3. EVR_Dusty , 4. ACR_Murt
Feature - 1. EVR_99 , 2. EVR_Dusty , 3. EVR_39 , 4. ACR_Murt

Posted By EVR_39 on 3/30/2004 at 11:35
persents? proof read, proof read, proof read.

Posted By EVR_39 on 3/30/2004 at 11:34
Xtreme Online Dirt Series
persents The Xtreme Pro Stock Challenge on Friday nights beginning April 2 at 8 pm central and The Xtreme Late Model Shootout begins Monday April 5 at 8 pm central. Come join us and see if you have what it takes to run with these old school bad boys from DTR1. Everyone is welcome to run.

Posted By MWO_Vega on 3/29/2004 at 17:54
Was just wondering if I could have my name changed from OMM_Vega to MWO_Vega in the charts. Was also wondering about what it would take to be able to have my sprint times taken?


Posted By DOUGIE12 on 3/13/2004 at 00:20
nice setup tips guys

Posted By EVR_Bandit30 on 3/9/2004 at 21:20
PS. lol forgot DTR2 charts are open what i mean is if you got DTR1 and DTRSC games u can run DTR2 cars on those tracks and times well be posted so good to you all peace

Posted By EVR_Bandit30 on 3/9/2004 at 21:18
hello all you dirt slingers the spring thaw schedule should be posted tomm hl and q10s have already started so lets when schedule is posted lets see those charts on fire and the TRT series races lets lay down some smokin times so good lluck to you all EVR Members and to the fellow racers good Luck and have fun

Posted By Z-J 16 on 3/9/2004 at 11:51
yeah guys was in here looking around and thought i would drop ya a line or too, This site rocks guys keep up you good work.


Posted By XR_Wild on 3/6/2004 at 13:56
hey can i switch my name to Z_Wild for the hotlaps on dtr2

Posted By EVR_39 on 3/2/2004 at 11:31

Posted By OMM_Vega on 3/1/2004 at 17:00
Hey 39, you guys running that with DTR1 or DTR2?

Posted By EVR_39 on 3/1/2004 at 07:16
Xtreme Pro Stock Shootout friday March 12 @8 pm central.Checkout for more details.

Posted By EVR_Bandit30 on 2/29/2004 at 21:26
hello all EVR members and to all that race in EVR series Spring Thaw is almost apon us so get ready all to start running charts and TRT series races wanna wish u all good luck at all the diff race tracks we will be running this series so good luck to u all and like a good buddy use to always say if u cant sling it dont bring it lol gl to you all in the EVR charting compitions

Posted By EVR_Crippler on 2/28/2004 at 22:11
MoG-Laban: We at EVR run all car types here. Dtr1 and DTR2 mostly. DTR2 Late models seem to be the favotites but EVR runs competetions in Lates, Mods, AND prostocks. A really good place to run is to look for evracing32 server in gamespy or in your game browser. Alot of good racers run there.

Posted By MoG - Laban on 2/28/2004 at 14:25
Hi all, I raced DTR1 when it first came out and really liked it. When DTR 2 came out I got it but couldn't ever find people to race with. Recently I have been racing Nascar 2003 with I got a new momo racing wheel and want to put it to full use so I am thinking about racing DTR2 again also. It looks like some folks are racing it here. I really do not like the modifieds in the game. What car types are you guys running?

Posted By EVR_39 on 2/18/2004 at 12:07
Well my series has been running for 4 years now and I was getting ready to hang up my racing boots this past january but when the EVR guys showed up and started running I kinda got alittle excited about racing again. You guy's are a great group to run with and a real class act.
I would like to thank David who has been running in my series for quite a while now.
I know I only race one or two nights aweek but I want ya'll to know I am not going anywhere. I just spend alot more time with my wife and two girls.
Again I would like to thank all the EVR guys for running on monday nights.

James Armstrong

Posted By RJS Motorsports on 2/7/2004 at 09:18
new lookin for help on dtr2

Posted By RJS motorsports on 2/7/2004 at 09:16
hello i am new hopeing for some help on dtr2

Posted By DeanO22 on 2/6/2004 at 07:52
Hello Eveyone! Newbie here! Where is the best place for a beginner to start racing DTR2?


Posted By BAMA on 2/4/2004 at 23:37


Posted By Shadow32 on 2/4/2004 at 13:15
OMM_Vega... what chassis are you using for the DTR2 ProStocks? The chart cruncher will only record laptimes made by the Chantille, Monacan, and the Bomber.


Jamie Hoofman aka Shadow32

Posted By Den on 2/3/2004 at 18:21
very good site!! workin on setups with bumpkins guide

Posted By OMM_Vega on 2/2/2004 at 16:56
As always the site just gets better and better. You guys have really made this a one stop shop for everything to do with DTR. Really enjoy the hot laps and quick X competitions. Still can't get my DTR2 pro stock times to show up, but still have fun with it. BTW - Any idea why those times don't show up in the listing?

Posted By R*U*S*H on 2/1/2004 at 11:50
Hi guys, just wanna say, excellent, a lot of effort has gone into it. Great group of racers, I've always had awesome races with EVR guys, very clean, talented & respectable. Makes the game a lot of fun, thanks. Keep up the good work on this site!

Posted By rjconley71c on 1/31/2004 at 23:44
u guys stink

Posted By JCR_Waldo_ on 1/31/2004 at 22:08
Hey EVR..... YOU ROCK!
Thanks for Allowing JCR
to utilize one of your Servers. I hope to now to bring JCR up to the level we first imagined.
Once Again,Thanks

Posted By rjcote03 on 1/31/2004 at 19:30
where do i sign up

Posted By Recondo on 1/30/2004 at 03:25
Pardon my ignorance...but is there a way to watch the races online? Or does that sap the bandwidth from the participants...

Posted By Dyne on 1/29/2004 at 22:02
Yo, why exactly isnt it let me login or sign up?

Posted By JCR001 on 1/27/2004 at 18:33

Posted By schaefer on 1/24/2004 at 09:52
hey shawdow thansk for leting my league use the server it is a exclennt server it wil keep my league alive thanks again

Posted By Shadow32 on 1/20/2004 at 18:03

Just wanted to tell everyone that didn't make the MARS League race @ Green_Valley last night... That was the best finish in MARS League history. First and 2nd place both tied for their TRT (Total Race Time)!!! The winner went to the driver with the fastest lap. Congratulations to EVR_KR and EVR_95 for an incredible performance. Both of you made EVRacing MARS League history! The race win went to EVR_KR due to his blistering FastLap Time!

Mind How You Go,

Jamie Hoofman
aka Shadow32
EVRacing Motorsports

Posted By EVR_D_Waller on 1/16/2004 at 12:31
Jake i did not receive your e-mail if you can resend please, to Thank buddy...

Posted By Shadow32 on 1/13/2004 at 17:02
Thanks Cam Burr and White Tiger for your comments. We spend a great deal of time administering different competitions for the DTR community. It's rather rewarding to hear that someone actually appreciates our efforts.

Jamie / Shadow32

Posted By Shadow32 on 1/13/2004 at 17:00
IGGR_Tooslow... It's true that we are testing out a LeadFoot server. If you are interested in giving it a few rounds then email me.

Mind How You Go,

Jamie Hoofman
aka Shadow32
EVRacing Motorsports

Posted By IGGR_Tooslow on 1/11/2004 at 12:11
I really like your site, great job...I've recently heard a rumor that EVR is going to start a Leadfoot this true and if so are u going to run ghost...they are alot more tempers...closer racing

Posted By Cam Burr on 1/9/2004 at 20:34
i like your site, I get more from this site then all the others, thank you. Just one small question,How do i g faster??? lol..great site,,.nicely done

Posted By WhiteTiger on 1/9/2004 at 14:27
wow this is a nice site for someone who wants to get into the sport i have been in racing all my lifemy grandfather then my dad who still races drit modified as for me i just don't have the funds lol so this would be the next best thing i would guess i look forward to maybe racing with you guys someday soon good job on the site

Posted By EVR_39 on 1/3/2004 at 09:12
Anyone out there know someone that is a good sprint skin painter?

Posted By 4D_Racing on 1/2/2004 at 12:27
I really like the site and hope there will be lots more to come.

Posted By dirtmod on 1/1/2004 at 12:09
awesome website. it has been a lot of help

Posted By MWO_Vega on 12/31/2003 at 16:48
Did I mess up again Shadow? Ran some twice since last week and times still aren't showing up. I actually ran with OMM_TH11 and his times are in the list. Let me know if I need to change something to get them to show up.

Posted By Giovanni on 12/26/2003 at 11:11
Coming soon to :)

Posted By EVR_D_Waller on 12/25/2003 at 11:53
Thanks for the induction into EVR as a Team Member. Thanks to 5rf, Crippler, Slider, & Shadow, & all the EVR Team. Merry Christmas to all, Danny Waller

Posted By Shadow32 on 12/24/2003 at 12:29
MWO_Vega, It will take a while to see your name in the charts. You just registered today so your name will prolly not show up until the next chart update. Because of the Holidays, the next chart update may be on Mon or Tues of next week.



Posted By MWO_Vega on 12/24/2003 at 09:51
Was just curious if you had to sign up to run the Hot Laps competition for DTR2? There isn't a place to check for DTR2 and I've run several pro stocks laps and they didn't show up. No big deal, just curious if I messed up.

Posted By Pt5 on 12/18/2003 at 16:18
Here is my new site if anyone cares.

Posted By Pt5 on 12/17/2003 at 10:52
can anyone tell me why the driver login don't work... or is it that you have to be a member or somthing?

Posted By Georgie on 12/7/2003 at 07:07
Very nice website.
Keep up the good work !


Posted By Pt5 on 12/5/2003 at 16:11
Love the site guys.... All of the EVR team racers that I have raced again are the best... keep it up

Posted By john24 on 12/3/2003 at 22:54
Great site! Can't get skins to work foar dtr2. any advice?

Posted By EVR_39 on 12/3/2003 at 16:13
I would like to thank everyone on TEAM EVR for allowing me to join you online racing family.

Posted By wildthing on 12/2/2003 at 15:00
i gotta tell u guys what an awesome site u have going here. I wish when I first started there was a site like this that I could have gone to. Unfortunately I had to do most of it by trial and error and a lil help from th ebig dogs. After a year off I have decided to jump back into this racing thing and I feel like a beginner again. Thanks guys for all your hard work and information!!!!

Posted By 2004 NJDR DTR2 World Finals on 11/27/2003 at 14:29
The Staff at New Jersey Dirt Racing.Com are proud to announce the running of the 1st annual “NJDR DTR2 World Finals”, presented by and LaGrange Racing Photos. The date will be Saturday and Sunday April 3rd and 4th, 2004.

Specific times will be announced after all of our local tracks have released their 2003 schedules so we can avoid any conflicts. Also, specific tracks will be announced in the next few weeks.

Join us for some great, SIM racing fun, DTR2 style! Make sure you stop by Mike’s Racing Photo’s at and LaGrange Racing Photo’s at for all your racing photo needs. From DIRT Modifieds to Street Stocks we have our areas covered! Also, make sure you stop by the internet’s fastest growing local racing publication, for great columns and all your racing informational needs. In addition, check out www.ThrowinitDown.Com.

See ya the first weekend in April!

Posted By G-Man on 11/27/2003 at 08:05
Great site the setups and the skin question does anyone here do custom skins by request? would love to have one with my own number on it

Posted By evrjake on 11/20/2003 at 16:20
Rest in Peace DESPERADO. To his family, friends and the TWA team I offer my deepest condolences.

Posted By Friend of Desp on 11/20/2003 at 10:16








Posted By Dyne on 11/19/2003 at 17:39
Hay Guys,

I got some bad news about TWA-Desperado. some of ya'll knew he had been in hospital awhile back. He had a wound on his foot that became infected.

Well, he went to hospital for treatment, they gave him antibiotics and ointment for it. few days later, he broke out in a rash.
went back in hospital, they discovered he was diabetic and changed his medication sent him home.

about 6 days ago his roomate called 911 because he was in major pain. when he arrived at the hospital he went into cardiac arrest, it took over 2 1/2 hours to stablize him. I talked to his ex-wife earlier , they ran some test on him today.... he was allergic to the meds that they changed him to and it infected his blood, which caused the cardiac arrest and they determined today that he has major brain damage because of that. they have him on a respirator.

his ex told me tonight that sometimes when they talk to him he turns his head toward them and trys to open his eyes...

please remember Desp in your thoughts and prayers.

if anyone can pull threw this you can bet ur axe it will be Desperado.

Sorry if this is alittle big but im sure most of the people that visit know desp -thanks

Posted By SBS_BURG on 11/15/2003 at 18:49
Just wanted to say thanx for the SC Hot Laps and Quick X. To bad more peeps don't run it. you guys at EVR have done a good job on your site. Keep up the good work.
If you can't do it in the dirt, it's not worth doing.

Posted By JoshPRacex09 on 11/8/2003 at 02:08
I cant wait to race on yor server,this will be my first time racing on line and i can't wait to get the pedal to the floor,i downloaded most of the cars on your site,i can't believe how your site is so neat and i would like to say that this site is awesome. well see you during the season

Posted By Hardhardt on 11/7/2003 at 17:10
Ya'll have a great site. I have race with many of ya'lls members and have found them to be very helpful when needed and clean respectful drivers while racing, keep up the good work, look foward to more great racing in the future...

Posted By Vasectomy on 11/6/2003 at 21:39
d@#&! nice job on the website Bumpkin! me and another noob from MCO are looking to get into this game hardcore. am wondering if there is anyone to talk to about , how to go from noob, to experienced. Both of us have momo controllers, and nowhere to race. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Posted By DTR Trucks on 11/5/2003 at 23:43
Or Click DTR Trucks :)

Posted By evrjake on 11/4/2003 at 23:43
For DTR2 trucks:

Posted By USA FIRE on 11/2/2003 at 16:16
where do i get the trucks for dirt track raCING #2

Posted By MRT_Joker on 11/2/2003 at 12:48
hey shadow32 can you e-mail me at got somone too explain too ya about server with people kicking others for no reason thanks

Posted By Danno on 10/27/2003 at 21:01
I finally got to run against some of the EVR guys in World 100, had a blast and must say I still visit the site everyday, never know when gonna find somethin new. Great site & GREAT RACERS.

Posted By bjw on 10/27/2003 at 20:54
Thanks to all the EVR for the time and work put into this site. Really enjoyed the hot laps and trt series. Work keeps me from racing nights much, so this was nice too get to do. Outstanding site!

Posted By TerryOwl on 10/24/2003 at 00:18
Looking to expand our racing Forum interrest in other sims, we currently run the Nascar 2003 by Sierra sim, check out our link, and show us the way.

Posted By jugsnlugs on 10/22/2003 at 19:36
hey guys i been around 5 years now and must say you guys are the most with it league on dtr keep up the good work

Posted By Dyne on 10/22/2003 at 17:49
Hey shadow i ran creek county today for the 35 lap trt.........
Anyways it didnt get posted under current times for trt i was just wondering if there was a problem or something?

Posted By Dawg on 10/21/2003 at 14:08
sup guys awsome job on site and on track shadow would you plz ck my code again for the evrtop sites thanx peace

Posted By 91 on 10/21/2003 at 07:55
great site how do i join

Posted By adj0304 on 10/7/2003 at 16:01
Hey, this site looks absolutely awesome! I am a newbie for sure when it comes to online racing. I've had the game for quit some time, now it is time to get into the good stuff!

Posted By HSB_Racing on 10/2/2003 at 22:47
just wanted so say thanks for the great setups and skins you have produced,they were very much appreciated

Posted By IGGR_C.J. on 9/19/2003 at 14:53
I irealy like your site i reconise the amos name. dan races at the track i work at i do fire coverage at stateline speed way in busti,ny this is so cool. i have raced the evr league very good groupe i give you a ten keep up yhe good work.

Posted By GMR_3MS on 9/16/2003 at 22:24
Hey EVR Guys i like what yall done to the site really looks great. And i want to ask permission to post your site as a link on my site?

Posted By racegirl18 on 9/5/2003 at 20:39
hey this is way cool

Posted By FRI_Wild on 9/3/2003 at 20:49
this is what i want my name to be now thanks shadow XR_Wild

Posted By Shadow32 on 9/1/2003 at 12:00
Just tell me what you want your name to be for the next season of charts. Since we are going to be starting a new season today it would just be best to change the name you run with from here on out.

Posted By XR_Wild on 8/31/2003 at 15:59
Hey Shadow is ther a way i can switch my name and get my times on hotlaps switched too if not thats ok

Posted By Shadow32 on 8/26/2003 at 14:33
good idea... I'll just add that to the pile of things I already dont have enough time to do. :) Seriously, we have thought about it and you may actually see something in the future on stockers.

keep slingin it,


Posted By XR_Wild on 8/25/2003 at 18:31
why dont you guys do pro stocks that would be cool to compare times with those anywayz great site

Posted By _sMoKyMcCrAcK_ on 8/18/2003 at 00:43
killer site guys. one of the best i've seen yet!

Posted By bootnumlock on 8/17/2003 at 23:17
this looks like it could be fun!

Posted By crazy man on 8/15/2003 at 19:51
can i please be on your team

Posted By DTR1 Paint Guide on 8/15/2003 at 13:52
click on that for the DTR1 Paint Guide. :) It was there all along.

Posted By A_Proud_American on 8/13/2003 at 22:16
This is a great site the only thing I think is missing is to tell us how to make custom skins. But all in all would give this site 98.7% out of 100%

Posted By Redwolf on 8/7/2003 at 19:24
Very help full on the setups and very nice web site how do i join.

Posted By XR_Wild on 8/7/2003 at 11:46
Hey ive signed up but still no repsonse all i want to do is the hotlaps ive beat alot of those times on dtr2

Posted By XR_Dead Last on 8/7/2003 at 01:10
Hey guys..Great site... XR is doing great over here and we have some pretty fast guys on this league...So you better watch out...We are coming up onto you...maybe faster than you thin

Great site guys keep it up lol

Posted By wg20 on 8/5/2003 at 23:00
i am not yet a member of evr racing leagues, but i emailed you, looks like a great web site

Posted By JW_70 on 7/26/2003 at 23:23
thanks guys for all the laps and fun its been a real pleasure racing with you guys looking forward to racing with all you again cya on the track

Posted By Hartwell on 7/26/2003 at 05:50
Hey I really want to be in your EVR racing league. If you need i can prove my self worthy contact me at

Posted By Shadow32 on 7/23/2003 at 14:53
Those wanting to join EVRacing Motorsports Group... The group membership process is by nomination by another group member, then there is a probation period where eligible racers will have the opportunity to prove themselves online with EVRMSG members, finally there is a vote by the membership.

To Racers who are just wanting to participate in EVRacing Motorsports Sponsored Races... Just use our signup form or send the different competition admins an email stating that you wish to participate and abide by the rules.

I hope this clears up some of the more frequent questions that appear within our guestbook.

mind how you go,

Jamie Hoofman
aka Shadow32
EVRacing Motorsports

Posted By dstr05 on 7/21/2003 at 19:19
is there any way i can be a part of this ever racing team or whatever you guys call it?

Posted By dstr on 7/21/2003 at 19:18
Great site guys, Keep up the good work!!!

Posted By Slick on 7/15/2003 at 15:20
hi EVR guy nice site if u dont mind i want to join EVR but my gamespy dont work :( i wanna run the series to get in

Posted By LNEMF_KYDAVIS on 7/12/2003 at 05:24
u guys r the greatsest thanks

Posted By Fitzy20 on 6/25/2003 at 15:12
would like to join EVR!!

Posted By Cheap airline tickets on 6/17/2003 at 18:56
Excellent website, very informative. Keep up the excellent work.

Posted By Marvy on 6/16/2003 at 22:53
G'day all :)
Excellent site (very helpful car set-up guide, many thanks)
New to the game - absolutely love it :)
would like to get into a team, whats the best way to go about it ?
is gamespy the best place to play, whats the best days/times to catch people ?
Keep it up, Many thanks :)

Adelaide Racing - Oz

Posted By EVR_bcool on 6/9/2003 at 16:49
Great job on the site lookin great

Posted By SBS_TH44 on 6/7/2003 at 16:49
Hi all well i am a well known racer in the gamespay communtity Tony Holt is my name sprint drivin is my game. I strive on being fast and above all clean! I take time out to help other team members to become faster ive helped many folks out and i feel its so rewarding to see a buddy become so much more competitive!so I submitted my info to to run in your fine little comps.I am a true believer in this game and would never comprimise my name of TH44 to do any thing illegal when racing dtrsc!Keep it Clean ya all and Enjoy this game to its fullest!

Posted By Shadow32 on 5/29/2003 at 15:51
If you wish to participate in the hotlaps, quick 10s, or SERIES events then you need to signup! You can click the signup link on the main page.

Posted By footballspy on 5/25/2003 at 23:59
would like to join if possible

Posted By UgR_EAZY on 5/19/2003 at 13:38
Hey what's up.. great site man lots of stuff...been useing it for over a yeah and still in and out of here..thx alot for your support for dtr and all.....great jod thx Eazy....

Posted By Ford88 on 5/16/2003 at 09:11
whats up fellas. i really like the site and it is really helpful. i run alot of asphalt, but im trying to get back to dirt. thanks for some of the sets and tips for flingin the dirt the rite way. i was wondering if you guys run asphalt at all? but it seems you guess are pretty religous with the dirt, but thats all good. keep up the good work guys. see ya at the track.

Posted By Big E on 5/10/2003 at 12:54
hey i think this site is awesome. im into late models. there so cool. i like all your racing skins i hope you all get more soon

Posted By JamminJeremy on 5/4/2003 at 19:56
My figure 8 serie

Posted By JamminJeremy on 5/4/2003 at 19:54
Come on over

Posted By Shadow32 on 4/28/2003 at 22:30
Kyle... if you are downloading the something.exe versions then they will automatically install.

Posted By Shadow32 on 4/28/2003 at 22:28
redfusion... try the Garage-Utils section of the website.

Posted By redfusion2wg on 4/28/2003 at 17:40
Cant download setup Utiliy 2.0

Posted By KYLE K on 4/25/2003 at 15:45

Posted By danno on 4/21/2003 at 17:46
you guys have a really good handy site..

Posted By EVR_bcool on 4/17/2003 at 16:03
Hey to all the bros that are making the dust and bringin home all the wins

Posted By Danno on 4/4/2003 at 23:42
Still love the site, keep up the great work

Posted By MJM Racing on 3/26/2003 at 17:36
how do we make our own skins

Posted By Stlracingpunk on 3/22/2003 at 23:33
do you guys think i could use your sever to host my races on sunday my e-mail address is

Posted By the bomb on 3/21/2003 at 15:41
thanks for the setups bcool

Posted By EVR_bcool on 3/14/2003 at 11:25
I want to think all my buds of EVR for keepin it real and leting the dust fly you all are great guys thank you for giving me a chance to fly the EVR flag.

Posted By slug on 3/7/2003 at 19:08
cool game thanks to every one who has tried to help me thank you. thank you john slug t.

Posted By DOG on 3/6/2003 at 18:11
Cool site lots of info thank you

Posted By burnman on 3/5/2003 at 20:43
great site very informative.lots of great information.

Posted By rcrracing on 3/5/2003 at 07:21
thanks for the help the best site yet hope to race with ya

Posted By tpi88 on 2/22/2003 at 18:07
like what i see and u have really good people

Posted By rcr racing on 2/22/2003 at 11:08
trying to download setups

Posted By hotrod3 on 2/15/2003 at 17:22
how do i join?

Posted By Merlin on 2/9/2003 at 17:33
race like it's a race not a playstation

Posted By tierod on 2/7/2003 at 10:42
cool site, plz update sets, if u dont mind. with the sets here plus a little tweekin' they are great.update if possible, still nedd a little help. thx again

Posted By bcool-racing on 2/6/2003 at 10:49
cool site thx for racen with me

Posted By DARL ELLIS on 2/4/2003 at 17:26

Posted By Artist on 2/4/2003 at 13:13
Great site thxx for the info .He didnt wreck ya He rubbed ya....... And rubbin son is racin.

Posted By snoogy on 1/27/2003 at 08:40
Great site, have learned alot,thnx for the help on downloads.

Posted By PAPATREE on 1/26/2003 at 13:09

Posted By NOZEROX on 1/21/2003 at 05:33

Posted By HEARTLAND1 on 1/2/2003 at 21:59

Posted By Joe Shmoe on 1/1/2003 at 09:06
Well, me and axin finally got DTR 2, hope to see you guys on there again. I was also wondering what I would have to do to get invited into the series. My email is Cyaz online!

Posted By jmwesto on 12/28/2002 at 15:53
Great site, I raced online today with some guys from evr. Had a ton of fun, would love to do it again

Posted By TomB on 12/26/2002 at 20:37
Just got the game DTR. I love it but the pro's have little patience and its hard to set up the game and play online when your being kicked.

Posted By sponge on 12/25/2002 at 15:02
how do u become a member of EVR?

Posted By MOONSPEED on 12/22/2002 at 20:29

Posted By Movada on 12/20/2002 at 01:34
Looking for setups. WHERES THE HYPERLINK!!!

Posted By rebel on 12/11/2002 at 10:57
hi guys thanks for everything

Posted By Old Geezer on 12/8/2002 at 15:22
Looks like a Great site lots of onfo thanks for you hard work

Posted By budc3po on 12/8/2002 at 12:05
i wanna get in to this league sounds like alot of fun

Posted By baba491952 on 12/7/2002 at 06:54
Hi I was told this is the place to come for the best info.I allways do my best in everthing I do,gaming should be no different.Thanks for your help.

Posted By Dewey_44 on 11/18/2002 at 20:50
Great Site ..It's helped me out a lot.One day I hope to get good enough to get 5rf to make me a skin.

Posted By racin45 on 11/17/2002 at 23:26
i have been racing on game spy for 3 months and just found out about your site tahnks for set ups my worked ok but these or much faster

Posted By GMascelli on 11/17/2002 at 05:37
I've been racing N2K2 for years and finally decided to get down and dirty. Thanks for all the great info!! Will be setting a link to your site today. Oh...Great web page too!!

Posted By krtrcr14 on 11/15/2002 at 19:10
Thanks for the setups for THe mods everyone.

Posted By blackie on 11/2/2002 at 07:30
Thanks for making this site available to us newbies. I want more than anything to become competitive and what I have learned here will only help me. Thanks a million.

Posted By MBfan72 on 10/25/2002 at 18:55
Thanks for the great info. I wanted to try online racing but felt that I didn't know enough about set-ups. I wanted to try and understand what i was doing with setups. Thanks very much.
PS. I have downloaded chassis - GRT and Rocket - do these actually make any difference?

Posted By Anonymous on 10/23/2002 at 19:20

Posted By Dewey__44 on 10/23/2002 at 08:07
This site is helping me a lot thanks.. I'm new to this .But I hope not for long

Posted By Dirtracer on 10/22/2002 at 13:11
great sit thanks for helpong us out. uts great have you kinda people around. thanks again

Posted By asr 16 on 10/21/2002 at 20:01
thanks for the help

Posted By Chevyman on 10/8/2002 at 12:04
your site is really helpful

Posted By _OFR_Reject-PC on 10/5/2002 at 19:44
hey guys thx for linking my site i was wondering where the traffic was comming from EVR rules dtr with great pride and glad to race with u guys from time to time

Posted By firemedic on 9/29/2002 at 05:14
lots of useful info!

Posted By ? on 9/24/2002 at 17:31
i whant to join a race

Posted By *FUO*-*AZZ-KIKR* on 9/23/2002 at 06:02
Thanx for the invite evr members.

Posted By 2ENJOY on 9/23/2002 at 00:48
Your site has help me alot and I realy do thank you.would like to get in to your Rookie scoring or some hot lap comp. I figur the only way to inprove is to run with some realy fast people and learn from them if you have an open Iam ready for school to start

Posted By mckRenzy on 9/21/2002 at 12:39
i want in!!!plz

Posted By Beadlock on 9/20/2002 at 23:59
Help I had a computer crash , cant remember my pass , can you help.

Posted By WiReD on 9/17/2002 at 20:44
Great Site!

Posted By 3 weeled warrior on 9/14/2002 at 15:39
i want to join

Posted By pylick on 9/10/2002 at 08:11
thanx shadow and all evr members involved in approval process for allowing py to participate in hot lap/quickX/invite series. i will hold myself up to the standard all evr members race by.thx again guys ! cyas all pylick

Posted By BOZZ on 9/1/2002 at 21:12
Great site, love it!!! Locust Grove kicks booty, especially with the ASCS Sprints running it!!!

Posted By Jim on 8/22/2002 at 15:52
this is a great site...very very helpful. Using all your Bland setups. Still new at this and am enjoying it greatly.

Posted By wild cat on 8/14/2002 at 21:02
just want to say this is one of the better sights i have seen about sim racing.

Posted By GMascelli on 8/10/2002 at 10:48
Thanks for the Newbie section!!! I've raced online in NASCAR fo over 6 years...really excitd about DTR....great job on the guide!

Posted By dcarbtd on 8/8/2002 at 12:13
What a great site I congratulate you all. It has helped me out immensly

Posted By OER_70 on 8/6/2002 at 13:40
I just wanted to say it was a real pleasure racing with you guys last night. Thanks for the laps guys. OER_70

Posted By Beadlock on 8/1/2002 at 11:18
Im new and I dont want to step on toes . I would like to have a skin other than what DTR has to offer. I have looked and skins here in EVR , but like I said I dont want to make some one mad . My question is can I down load a skin for my car or who do I need to talk with about one. Thank You

Posted By RayBo on 7/30/2002 at 16:10
Very good info, it sure helped me. Maybe some day i can keep up with u guys on the track.

Posted By Fla. Redneck 69 on 7/27/2002 at 17:54
Thanks yaall make playin these games much mure fun. Your info on setups is rite onit. As a asphalt driver I know the importance of setup to making a car work. With your help I now have setups that work. Thay are at best 180 from where I was with mine. Well thanks again. Rich

Posted By Reject--PC on 7/22/2002 at 13:03
i was wondering if it was if i linked you to my page in my section your site is cool helps all us newbies

Posted By Eric on 7/15/2002 at 16:44
thanks for all the help i really enjoy racing dirt track late models it is so awesome

Posted By Peachmunch on 7/14/2002 at 01:00
Thanks so very much for all the great help!

Posted By Sabertooth on 7/4/2002 at 14:28
This is by far the best site I have come across for DTR help! The information was more than helpful and the KICK A.. skins were all too cool! Keep up the AWESOME JOB as I will be checking back often!

Posted By BGR-Eric on 6/13/2002 at 19:31
This is a Great website..keep up the good work.

Posted By dave on 6/13/2002 at 09:35
my email adress is

Posted By Dave on 6/13/2002 at 09:32
i like ur website can u invite me into ur late model series my nickname is racerdave07 if u would cinsider

Posted By Shadow32 on 6/11/2002 at 13:33
Steven , fixed :)

I also want to thank everyone who is competing in the EVR_INVite League events ! There are some tough competitiors running this league and the racing action is sizzlin hot !

Posted By Steven on 5/28/2002 at 19:55
Umm yes your site is really good thanks for the setups but i got a question ahhhh that DTR Setup Utility 2.0 for Dirt Track Racing dont work and it mite take alot of ink and paper to get them all so could u please fix that for me ? Thanks alot

Posted By joneil on 5/22/2002 at 11:56
I just got DTR an im realy interested in getting into online racing this is a very good site thanks for all the info.

Posted By MartinsWeb on 5/21/2002 at 08:32
The place to show your banners is for all racing webmasters

Posted By MartinsWeb on 5/21/2002 at 08:32
Hi there, I realy like this racing site. But wouldt like to let you know about a new racing top 100. I would't realy like your banner on it and who knows we can share visitors across the great atlantic

Posted By pylick on 5/9/2002 at 16:52
great site,great team.the EVR guys as a team are quickest,kindest,least whinin bunch guys ive ever raced with.couple guys i personally wanna thank,5rf and BONG. these 2 guys have from the very first time i saw em given me help and encouaragement to become the sorry sap i am today. thx alot guys . uh-oh startin to cry from all the i gotta go be mean somewhere. see u sissies at races!!!

Posted By pylick on 5/9/2002 at 16:52
great site,great team.the EVR guys as a team are quickest,kindest,least whinin bunch guys ive ever raced with.couple guys i personally wanna thank,5rf and BONG. these 2 guys have from the very first time i saw em given me help and encouaragement to become the sorry sap i am today. thx alot guys . uh-oh startin to cry from all the i gotta go be mean somewhere. see u sissies at races!!!

Posted By NDRA_Hotrod on 5/7/2002 at 19:31
Guys the site looks good. Keep up the good work.

Posted By kosciusko_kamikaze on 5/6/2002 at 18:22
i've tried to sign up for the new series this week but it won't let me. i sign up for the latemodel series and quickx.

Posted By RockCandi on 4/24/2002 at 13:07
Nice site very nicley set up :)

Posted By WVM_EAGLE on 4/24/2002 at 06:08
tanks for all your help the 1st tow mty was a pain nowits a lot of fun

Posted By CDR-Monty on 4/22/2002 at 02:25
I'm not exactly sure what ya'll have planned on about 9pm est. on Fridays, but myself and the rest of the CDR team would love to have you all out and running with us! CDR kicks off thier 3rd season with a 30 lap shootout at Sweet Springs. So if ya aint busy on Fridays..come run with the Fastest Growing Online Racing League's! It will be worth it, lots of changes this season, and alot of fast guys already signed up. So check out the Forum over at CDR and let us know if you want in!

Rusty King

Posted By ThE_BiG_Un on 4/13/2002 at 05:04
thx for all the goodies on the site i send all new guys here i come back to seee whats new keep it up

Posted By ThE_BiG_Un on 4/13/2002 at 05:04
thx for all the goodies on the site i send all new guys here i come back to seee whats new keep it up

Posted By tgr_dtr1 on 4/3/2002 at 03:32
This site is cool.And it is whear i got all my sets for my car

Posted By k2 bozz on 3/14/2002 at 23:30
I love this site, when I get my DTR SC skills down I would love to log on and race with you guys.

Posted By I_AM_THE_GAME_ on 3/10/2002 at 01:17
Sup guys and girls this is the best DTR page ever i got every thing i needed here from skins to setups!!!!thanks a lot guys!!

Posted By Marvin The Martian on 3/5/2002 at 14:01
I know DukeBowtie runs on your evracing server alot and every time i try to get in on some fun he boots me before i get to start, can anyone help me find out why? I just dont understand what i have dont to pig him off so much. i'm a nice guy, still new to the game but would like the chance to learn. And how can i if i never get to race with the best? Thanks Marvin

Posted By NDRA_DukeBowtie on 2/27/2002 at 10:17
I would like to thank all of you guys that put the time in to do this,I know it's alot of work! Keep it up

Posted By dsa on 2/17/2002 at 12:26

Posted By Lonestar on 2/13/2002 at 14:23
Your site is like wine. It gets better with time!!

Posted By CSR-LeadFoot on 1/25/2002 at 14:36
Like comin here to see how slow I really am, lol!

Posted By ezcue on 1/15/2002 at 16:18
I have a lot of work to do!!!

Posted By DIRT Driver on 1/9/2002 at 22:50
Been awhile since I signed. I have been quite busy and now even more busy running the BB Mods Series. Once I get some free time, I need to get on the track. I am slow as hewlettpackard prolly. Boy o boy...just catching Wheel, Ford, and Steve is gonna be alot of work and Elroy in the mods. Shadow said it the best...he is one fast mofo. LOL. Ciao for now.

Posted By psyced_out on 1/8/2002 at 16:18
Hey Nice site. I like the downloads and the way you gus explain things.

Posted By earnharder on 1/6/2002 at 12:11

Posted By flash24 on 12/29/2001 at 14:58

Posted By Fast Ed 55 on 12/25/2001 at 22:24
Hey your site is simpley AWESOME...

Posted By BlewByU37 on 12/21/2001 at 15:42
Great Site!!

Posted By FBFI-Tukster on 12/20/2001 at 01:46
very informative site,good job

Posted By Vinicius on 12/4/2001 at 00:17
Really nice site and team i wish u guys good luck

Posted By Nitro on 12/3/2001 at 11:12
You guys are the best thanks for sharing.

Posted By bump13 on 12/1/2001 at 00:03
good job

Posted By BIG-E on 11/11/2001 at 23:02

Posted By rooster on 11/11/2001 at 04:36
thanks 4 the setup tips im tring

Posted By mybry77 on 10/5/2001 at 13:09
Awsome Site neet cars. I made my own as we'll.

Posted By radracing2 on 10/3/2001 at 19:05
great site, have hopes to race with you some day. I own my own race car and love every aspect of racing. thanks

Posted By STRONGMAN on 10/1/01 at 04:01

Posted By Jakebrake24593 on 9/30/01 at 18:57
thanks a million u helped me figure out my gear trouble

Posted By tequila kid on 9/28/01 at 00:31
great site guys keep up the good work

Posted By XLO*AZZKIKR* on 9/20/01 at 18:13

Posted By BRS on 9/20/01 at 04:21
Hey Guys Check out Brs site its fun great and have lots of goodies

Posted By slow on 9/13/01 at 17:17
your site is great thank for all the help

Posted By kosciusko_kid on 9/12/01 at 21:09
I would like to participate in the lm rookie of the season. thanks for all of your helpful info evr.

Posted By Big AL on 9/6/01 at 23:32
great site,my first time here,i like what i see,all you online racers are a great bunch of people,could somebody please make a new game,like dirt track speedway bikes?,it would be great to add to the collection,'great racin'"Big AL"

Posted By drenalin on 9/5/01 at 23:30
Site is just what I've been looking for to help get into online racing of DTR and DTRSC.

Posted By Ride on 8/30/01 at 22:34
EXCELLENT. This site has the most information of any I have visited. I will try some of your setups and join you someday when I feel worthy.

Posted By TSR_Hillbilly on 8/24/01 at 09:30
Hey guys! Just wanted to stop by and sign your guestbook, cant believe I havent before. I have raced Jvorhies, Jake and Zim for quite awhile now. Always a great and clean race, as usual when racing a EVR member. Congrats on your site reaching 60,000. Keep up the great work, I for one can relate to the hours and hours of maintaing a site. I have maintained the Smurf site simce it has begun and aintain a couple more. It IS alot of work! So, stop by and check it out sometime, hope to see yall soon, TSR_Hillbilly

Posted By zamp on 8/21/01 at 00:00
Just wanted to say thanks, for all the fun!I really enjoy meeting new racers. For the most part, all are clean drivers,who will help with a set up, and where to run the track!Wanted to say thanks to Bump, for the sweet ride! Keep up the great work, love this site, and the great racin. Thanks

Posted By countryboy on 8/20/01 at 16:40
I would like to comment on the latest trackside interview. I really enjoyed reading the thoughts and tips given. I would like to thank all involved in EVR for their help and hard work to give us the info and fun we have. I really appreciate all the hard work guys keep it up.

Posted By REDDOG on 8/14/01 at 16:54

Posted By Oz on 8/11/01 at 07:19
Great site you guys have here

Very informative for guys like me who want to improve to a competitive level

Keep up the good work

Posted By HVR_TeamTan on 8/5/01 at 00:38
I just stopped by today for the very first time. I had not known about this site. I always play in the EVR servers because they are very good. Thought I'd say that I think it is very cool that you show the setups along with the option to download them. I try to tweak the ones that I have and the "show" option makes it easy to see what other fast people are doing.

Posted By TWA-Desperado on 7/31/01 at 06:51
Could he have possibly left all ready and the next host been the one that kicked you. Also I see you went back so you were not kickbanned so the kick was most likely for taking a long time to tweak your setup and since most people racing online have to get there racing in when they can because of work and things, they really dont want to be waiting for someone to be tweaking there sets which they can do off line. If you are having a hard time dialing in a setup some where you might go to the setups page and grab a few of them and see how they are done to get an idea of what might work for your. Also when you saw said assailant in another server they might have been confused as to what you were even talking about if they had left before you were kicked. But don't let something as trivial as being kicked from a server spoil your online fun. Like I said you were not banned so you could go back..You will probably get disconnected ( Could this have possibly happened to you?) more than you will ever get kicked on here unless gamespy fixes there software. You won't find a better group of people who are willing to give there time and effort up to help others than EV Racing so dont judge to hard and make sure you have all the facts before you jump to hasty conclusions. Do you work for the feds. That statement about the group might fall under the R.I.C O. act. Have fun it's just a game. A very good game but just a game.

Posted By STEALTH on 7/31/01 at 06:45
Hey Guys Check Out My New Site It Kicks Axe You Can Get Skins Setups Almost Anything You Need Will Be On There Cya's Have Fun EVRacing

Posted By ONE-3 on 7/26/01 at 22:39
As a member of a group, you become a represinitive of that group. Therfore I am writing to the group, mostly to reveal a circumstance of bad representation. I will decline to name the party (he knows who he is, and if it shows in one member, chances are it is an issue that should be addressed to all).In the world of racing (even, and espicially on-line racing) mistakes will be made. I will be the first to admit I make my share. I will never intentionally cause an accident.
Yesterday I picked up this game for the first time in almost a year. Something happened that caused me to loose all my setups, so I stoped playing. I got online yesterday and did some racing in a EVR server. I was way off the pace and one of the members of this site suggested that I come here and read the setup guide. Before I left I tried my own thing for several races and got from 13.70 at BOYD to 13.40. Improvement but well off the pace. I went to your site today and spent an hour or so applying the principals of the setup guide and was down to 13.10, so I decided to go online and try some real racing. I found the same player from the night before in a room with 8 people. Several races were run and my best time was 13.30.
Remembering what I read in the newbie section about differences in times vs offline I started tweaking again and got down to a 13.05. Next Race KICKED. No warning, no comment about why. He must have taken his ball and gone home, because he was gone when I got back. I searched him down on another server (just to ask why) and he wouldnt answer and left.

My point???
Yesterday I found a cool, well put together, VERY HELPFUL website.

Today a member of that same team (the same person that told me to come here) has put a sour taste in my mouth with a lack of sportsmanship.


James (aka ONE-3)
(formally FAST ONE-3)

Posted By countryboy on 7/23/01 at 00:22
thanx for all the help guys. its really appreciated.

Posted By STEALTH on 7/18/01 at 06:37
thanx for all the help from you guys i appreciate it alot check out my site at ty all cya

Posted By Loud on 7/11/01 at 07:21
Thanks to whoever told me about this site. This site rocks. lots of good info.

Posted By Hawkeye 26 on 7/9/01 at 09:59
Great Site! lots of good information. Glad I found your site and the servers. Hope to make some decent attempts at the charts.

Posted By SirSpeedie on 7/6/01 at 22:52
Great Site. Glad I stopped by.

Posted By GMR__goatman on 6/30/01 at 15:02
baaaaaaahhhhhhhhh it been a long time that i herd the name shadow so i came and had a look love the site and shadow give me a baaaaaaahhh some time ok

Posted By PHANTOM5 on 6/22/01 at 10:56
I like all of the new changes in here. check out my site if you want

Posted By culater on 6/21/01 at 22:12
just wanted ya to know there is a person usin my name...and he causin problems in evr..rooms..

Posted By TWA-Desperado on 6/19/01 at 06:18
Just wanted to tell ya the site looks great and the racing is good. Thanks Shadow and Bumpkin for taking the time to do it for us.

Posted By jakedasnake_23 on 6/18/01 at 06:12
i raced online for the first time tonight.i started out knowing notta zip. an experienced racer took his time to help me out with a setup and a few still far from good but i did learn.then someone else gave me this site and now i know a little more.i have learned a lot in my first night. i cant get any like to thank everyone helpful.thats what makes it fun.
bret w

Posted By Shadow32 on 6/9/01 at 18:43
+WBG means to click on his name. There is a link to his site. My other passion is computer networking. This website is for the real techies and computer geeks out there.

Just put in this url... or click on +WBG's name

Posted By +WBG on 6/7/01 at 20:33
Doh! Meant "Bumpkin"

Posted By +WBG on 6/7/01 at 20:32
Excellent layout!!

Steve needs to go take the Twit Test... :)


Posted By Johnny Bravo on 6/7/01 at 20:15
Great site! Its just what I was looking for.

Posted By boblee on 6/5/01 at 22:11
your site is a blessing for the newbee. i love this racing but there is so much to learn . your set up guide has been so informitive . knowing what each setting can do and will do is great. it sounds like you guys really stress clean racing and in my short time racing have found that when you get in a race with clean drivers it is so much fun!! i just want you to know all the time and work you put into this site is so greatly appreciated . helping others to race better not only helps the individual but will help with racing in general. it is also nice to have a place to go where all share the same interest. personally guys i cant thank you enough for the help you offer here.

Posted By lil j on 6/3/01 at 20:40
I love this site you guys have did an exceptional job. I would like to eventually be a top racer for evracing. lol

Posted By Scooter on 5/31/01 at 13:25
nice sight thx for the setups

Posted By PHANTOM5 on 5/31/01 at 09:14
This is what I call 'true gamers!' This site is so much more than any other site that I have ever been on. To see this much work put in to a gameing site is wonderful.
Keep up the great work!

Posted By Rob_52 on 5/28/01 at 23:43
Thanks for setup, and other info. Am new to dtr, and appreciate the help.

Posted By SS_RAT on 5/26/01 at 11:10
Hey Guys! Great site lots-o-great info and links I would really like to thank Bumpkin for taking the time with me long ago when I was known as M.D.B I have learned much from many of the racers online with tips and with my 10.39's at N.Texas I to have been able to help a few with setups. I still run a Keyboard "sigh" but I am finding ways to get faster each time I run. To all of you that helped me in the past a BIG thanks! your first class. the thing I must not leave out is Shadow...this Guys setups really made my stuff fly! Keep it smooth, clean and the right line sure helps!...thx Guys!! SS_RAT aka Tiny12 ..Michael B.

Posted By MAGIC on 5/24/01 at 19:34

Posted By Maffett's #1 fan on 5/23/01 at 22:53
Great Site.

Posted By Rooster on 5/23/01 at 21:49
You have a great site here.It is very insightful.

Posted By KMI19 on 5/23/01 at 19:09
Love this game but, Bumpkins arrogance turned me against it. Will stick with CFS, much friendlier crowd.

Posted By joe shmoe on 5/17/01 at 17:59
Hey everyone, just started, but have finally made it onto the site. If anyone has a good creek setup, please email it to me at

Posted By Sax on 5/8/01 at 12:44
Hey fuzeman, glad you stopped by. We're happy to have ya join us. If you need any help, just ask any EVR member. They're all happy to help out. That makes two "Specs"...any others on the way?

Posted By Rooster on 5/8/01 at 01:18
thanks for this sight

Posted By fuzeman on 5/7/01 at 10:39
Just getting my feet wet so far but from the looks of it, I found a gem! Sax, thanks for steering me here!

Posted By Shadow32 on 5/6/01 at 00:41
Thanks for the kind words Jimmy. Unfortunatley I have to travel sometimes with my job so I am unable to post complete updates during those weeks. I do my best to update the site daily when I am in the office. But sometimes I cannot find the time to post SERIES current times while on the road. There are even some members who take the time to help me out with the hotlaps and quickX chart updating. That at least keeps some info out there. Again thank you for frequenting the site. Hopefully next week I will be able to get back in the routine of keeping the SERIES data posted.

Posted By jimmy on 5/5/01 at 05:47
great site shadow and bumbkin!!!! im on everyday and cant get enough of it, but i have noticed you slowed down on updating times? great site,series and setups thanx guys.

Posted By TRUE UK CAT on 5/1/01 at 10:35

Posted By ogre on 4/27/01 at 14:47
had game about 2 months now,your EVR has been a trmendous help to a 59 yr.old newbie
many thanks

Posted By mdsprints on 4/26/01 at 06:43
Love your article on setups like to see more. Do you have any more info for those of us that shift. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Matthew Dillon
Team OMS # c1

Posted By doebag on 4/25/01 at 15:31
have been signed up for some time now and have raced on your server where are my times.

Posted By TWA-Desperado on 4/24/01 at 04:14
Great site and Good racing. Good Job Bumpkin and Shadow.

Posted By {SSR}Matt14m on 4/23/01 at 08:34
Excellent site guys....loads of info and excitement....keep up the great work!!!!

Posted By amos on 4/22/01 at 19:26
I apreciate im sure the many hours you put in.I
enjoy the friendly competition your
site has provided.Please keep up the great job you have been doing.thanks again -amos

Posted By CHASE-03 on 4/17/01 at 22:10

Posted By thebignasty on 4/8/01 at 19:49
i wished i would of seen this a long time ago.Great site gang.

Posted By ROCKET_2001 on 4/7/01 at 11:20
MY NAME IS ROCKET_2001 &REAlly like ur page

Posted By skippydov 47 on 3/27/01 at 07:54
I found this site a great site for us beginners

Posted By RoadTrash on 3/26/01 at 23:38
WINTERS - also has the game in jewel case new for 9.99 plus shipping. Not bad!

Posted By westfall on 3/26/01 at 20:51
if anyone knows a good setup for any track but for keyboard e-mail me

Posted By westafll on 3/26/01 at 20:49
just checking out the site

Posted By Sax on 3/25/01 at 18:51
winters, I looked everywhere in my hometown for a copy, but no one stocked it anymore. I found a copy on e-bay. Might want to try that.

Posted By winters on 3/25/01 at 18:45
cool site i hope to be able to race here some day unitl i can find the game i'm stuck playing the free demo!p.s. kool eckart 24

Posted By Warden88 on 3/22/01 at 08:52
Very nice site and organization you've got going here! I will definitely plan on frequenting this site and I am going to ease my way into your series. look forward to racing with you guys!

Posted By driver5th on 3/21/01 at 10:54
This is great site! It really helps beginners an get what they need.

Posted By RoadTrash on 3/20/01 at 10:25
I've had DTR for about two months now. Awesome game! I've been easing into the on-line experience the past week or so. I ran across Bumpkin and McFear while goofing around. You guys are extremely professional. I greatly appreciate your willingness to help us lost sheep try to find our way. I'm now running (albeit not very well) in your series. You saved me a lot of wasted time trying to figure this whole deal out. Keep up the great experience!

Posted By Warden88 on 3/15/01 at 10:55
My first time here...very nice! I will definitely be back...probably daily :).

Posted By RADO on 3/14/01 at 08:48
you obviously know by the postings you got a great site i find it refreshing to find a site easy to navigate arround without all the fancy stuff

Posted By yuckin on 3/11/01 at 09:12

Posted By USNAChris on 3/10/01 at 20:38
Hey I just wanted to tell you that you have 2 of my times posted on the latemodel hotlaps.. USSNAChris is me too, I just messed up and put too many s's in there. You can just delete the USSNAChris out of there if you want. Thanks

Posted By USNAChris on 3/9/01 at 08:17
Site is the best.
Just a sugestion.. You should make a page where we can submit our skins. That way more people can acually see everyone elses skins. The reason why I think you should do that is; a lot of people are through this site every day. I think it would be a big hit. Up to you. Great site, thanks for everything.

Posted By FBI--slim on 3/7/01 at 14:00
GREAT site guys. Like to join EVR LM series. Thank for the setups Bumpkin.E-MAIL

Posted By dirt devil 21 on 3/1/01 at 01:44
I would like to know how I can run some hot laps and get my times posted I have tweaked steves setup and gotten a 1338 at eldora but I was not on line and I think every body would get a kick out of seeing that I would also like more setups I have ober 200 now but I love playing with peoples setups to see what I can get out of them if you can help write me at P>S> the site is awsome guys keep up the good work here

Posted By dirt devil 21 on 3/1/01 at 01:21
I just wanted to thank you all for the great setups I have been runing steves and they have won me a great deal of races I had to change some thibgs on them for them to work for me but I am verry happy thank you once again Dirt Devil

Posted By Shadow32 on 2/23/01 at 10:17
in response to your post "good"... regretfully we at EVRacing Motorsports Group cannot take credit for making the game. Ratbag of is the group that created this wonderful game we all enjoy. thanks for your compliments tho. :)

Posted By STEALTH on 2/23/01 at 03:58
this game is so tite i love it STEALTHBOMBER

Posted By good on 2/23/01 at 03:54
i like this game so much i stay up at least 18hrs a day thanks for making this game its cool

Posted By c22 on 2/21/01 at 13:39
this is the best site that i have been to in awhile it gives you step by step info on how to do thing i love keep it up thanks do it in the dirt thanks c22

Posted By crs-u2_slow on 2/20/01 at 04:35

Posted By __goatman on 2/16/01 at 14:26
i like the site it nice
hope to rub tire soon so

Posted By FORD_E_4 on 2/12/01 at 13:08
I appreciate all the work you guys do. I've run fantasy football and golf and know how much time and effort it takes. But, if it's not too much additional work, it would be nice if a column for the date a time was recorded could be posted on the Hot Laps and the Quick 10 sheets.
Thanks, Terry Delp

Posted By REAPER on 2/11/01 at 18:01
Hey Guys.. I like the new start up page.. Y'all have done a wonderful job with the website.. Shadow, I like the idea of the expedition race..what would really make a drivers race is that if we all ran the same set up.. Like just hitiing reset on all the adjustment screens, LOL.. Laters, REAPER..

Posted By CABO WABO on 2/11/01 at 03:03
Hey was looking for someone to maybe make a skins program for the computer illeterate,one where it would explain how to open a program to paint.

Posted By Michael Keeton on 2/5/01 at 20:51
I am 14 and mys emails adress is

Posted By RYAN5R on 2/5/01 at 18:02

Posted By Michael Keeton on 2/5/01 at 16:24
Hey . I don't have $20.00 and I live with my sister becasue my dad is in jail and my mom could not keep me . My sister does not give me money . Alls I want to do is plays my cousin .

Posted By DIRT Driver on 2/5/01 at 09:58
Michael, I don't think that anyone one of us will burn you a copy of either game. Fitsr off, that's copyright infringment. Second off, if you can't afford to pay the measly $20 to get the game, there's something wrong there. Good luck in finding someone that will burn you the game.

Posted By BUBBA on 2/4/01 at 22:39
heyas SHADOW... great site... hope to be racing again soon. See ya !!!!

Posted By Candyman on 2/4/01 at 17:02
Thanks to dirt and steve for their help on gamespy. Great site here. Keep up the great work and see you at the track.

Posted By Michael Keeton on 2/3/01 at 22:47
Why do that if you have a guy that's nice enough to burn you a copy so you wouldn't have to pay anything . Thanks again Michael

Posted By Shadow32 on 2/3/01 at 19:58
My suggestion to you is to invest in the $20 required to purchase the game. :) Yeah thats right only $20. You can purchase Dirt Track Racing by Ratbag Games from several computer stores. DTR is Late Models and Stockers while DTRSC would be Sprints. Both DTR and DTRSC are only $20 a piece. thanks

Posted By Michael Keeton on 2/3/01 at 14:13
Is anyone out there? I hope I can get a copy of this game , I am looking forward to racing . Thanks Michael

Posted By Michael Keeton on 2/3/01 at 04:14
I need someone to burn me a copy of this game . I want to race . This game seems fun . You guys seem like you injoy yourselves , I would like to too . Email me at if you can get me a copy of this game . Thanks Michael

Posted By Buck72 on 2/1/01 at 14:56
Hey U.J. at school on the net just wanted to check out your site. lol
Matt Stevens

Posted By 99djl on 1/27/01 at 14:46
Impressive looking site and some fast times Hope I can be keep up

Posted By Krux on 1/27/01 at 01:08
hey i want to do that EVR series
for sprint cars that is

Posted By FBI--MOYER on 1/22/01 at 19:39

Posted By TDR MD Nitro on 1/22/01 at 05:14
killer site looks like a lot of pain staking time..keep up the excellent work...u guys at evracing have been alot of help to me especally..bumpkin & ryan5r love your setups

Posted By KS Twister on 1/21/01 at 19:17
I was referred to your site by Hawgman. I see that I have raced against several of the folks mentioned here. Thanks for a great site. I have it bookmarked.

Posted By Racing4u on 1/21/01 at 14:58
It was a pleasure meeting with Steve. And racing with him, its rare to find drivers out there that race clean and the WWW.RACING4U.NET Family welcome this site to its.
Thanks again......

Posted By FBI--McFEAR on 1/21/01 at 13:14
Awesome site guys haven't been on in a while and man looks like I been missing alot great work!!

Posted By Sax on 1/20/01 at 09:24
Wow!!!! Great work, guys. Without a doubt the best DTR site I've seen.

Posted By USSNAChris, USNAChris on 1/18/01 at 21:44
Hey, this is a great site! I am suprized I have never been here before. I think you guys have done a great job, Keep up the good work.

Posted By Wild Child on 1/17/01 at 21:20
Hey whats going my name on DTR is Wild Child(casey barton) as i understand it one of your axe. told me that i had to come here and sign the guestbook to be able to be a part of your racing program. Contact me with some info please if this is true. My e-mail is

Good racin,
Casey Barton

Posted By Budman on 1/15/01 at 06:50

Posted By P38 on 1/14/01 at 05:58
The site looks terrific! You guys are too much. Keep up the good work.

Posted By Shadow32 on 1/13/01 at 21:26
Excellent Job on the Web Design Bumpkin !!! You have managed to make my job easier AGAIN ! In case you do not know... All of the charts , competitions , and other great ideas that I muster up... Bumpkin always manages to find a way to make my job easier and more efficient. He has the ability to take all my tasks that I create and streamline them. :) Somewhere in that process Bumpkin also cleans the finished product up for your viewing pleasure. Without Bumpkin You would not enjoy the many things that EVRMSG does today because I would not have the time to administer everything. So, I am deeply in debt to Bumpkin. HE has sacrificed many hours to bring you the killer website you see here. EVRMSG is the greatest group of guys in all of DTR !!! I look forward to getting the rest of the group involved in some of the tasks of EVRMSG. Stay tuned... there will be more great things from EVRacing Motorsports Group in the future.... ( this is the part where Bumpkin shakes his head and groans with disbelief ) lol

Posted By RYAN5R on 1/13/01 at 20:13

Posted By OER_NC Rocket on 1/13/01 at 14:12
Awesome site guys really enjoy racing your server and the hotlaps and quick 10 comps. keep up good work

Posted By Silver Fox on 12/26/00 at 19:14
hey guys great job on the site raced bumpkin the other night and he was very professional thats what led me here hope to join in the racing im learning but im getting there great job to all,

Silver Fox

Posted By OER_5rf on 12/15/00 at 19:14
Web Site is KEWL. Really enjoy the evracing server. You guys are all Great Racers you make playing DTR / DTRSC very exciting and enjoyable. CYA Online

Posted By AR_BV on 12/8/00 at 15:08
you guys are doing a great job of taking this game to the next level, the compatition is great and the laps are fast, keep up the great work.

Posted By RYAN5R on 12/7/00 at 22:54
nice site both of you guys put a lot of time in it i see

Posted By RaDoN on 12/7/00 at 15:51
Nice Website. I want to sign up for the quickx , hotlaps, and evracing series. thx

Posted By Shadow32 on 11/25/00 at 21:53
Great to see everyone that is noticing the work that Bumpkin has done. Hope to be moved into our new home here soon. It looks like the new season is going to be great! I'm looking forward to keeping charts and the new EVRacing series on both DTRLM and DTRSC. stay tuned...

Posted By Steve on 11/24/00 at 13:08
Hey Bumpkin. Checkin out the new site. Looks great. Cya online, man.

Posted By fod sweet on 11/23/00 at 10:30
great racin lastnight bumpkin seen the record books looks like its gonna take some hard work to get on top here but lookin foward to tryin to compete with you reaper and sk with this new season comein up grtat site bro good luck and happy turkey day.

Posted By DIRT Driver on 11/22/00 at 19:37
great looking site Bumpkin. Looking to see it when everything is working.

Posted By Xman on 11/22/00 at 15:50
yeppers this is real nice hope to see it up soon of coarse with my skins also added

Posted By Shadow32 on 11/20/00 at 16:05
Great Job on the Web Site Bumpkin ! Looking forward to populating the pages with all the great EVRacing events.

Posted By Bumpkin on 11/20/00 at 01:19
test 123

Posted By Bumpkin on 11/5/00 at 01:18
Just a little test to see if all is working as planned.